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  1. MarcosEZLN

    New here from California

    Ordered directly from Toque, I recommend them highly. I did some comparison shopping between them and Mr. Snuff and the prices were about 20% less for most everything.
  2. MarcosEZLN

    New here from California

    Welcome from Bellingham, WA. I can't speak to Mr. Snuff, but I just got in an order from Toque (same location, roughly) in about 3 weeks. They shipped very quickly and then FedEx seemed to sit on it for a week or so longer than expected. All around better prices than Mr. Snuff, but I think the...
  3. MarcosEZLN

    Ready Rubbed VA's and Va/Pers

    I don't have anything new to offer, but I'll add my votes for Hal O'The Wynd/Old Gowrie (debatably VaPer w/ the Kentucky), as well as Esoterica Dorchester. I've only recently tried the Dorchester but man is it good. I don't go in much for fruity aromatics, but this is just a great, bright VaPer...
  4. MarcosEZLN

    Forgotten In A Coat Pocket

    Am I remembering correctly that they just, sort of, got thrown away? I think I try to erase that knowledge from my brain every time your 904 collection gets mentioned but it feels correct. Big oof if so, but I hope some lucky garbage man found the score of a lifetime.
  5. MarcosEZLN

    ***What Are You Smoking, September 2021?***

    Took a walk through the oldest cemetery in my town with a bowl of home stoved Luxury Navy Flake in the Radice hawkbill. The tobacco, purchased this year and stoved a few weeks ago, tastes much closer to some '07-'08 LNF than it does to the 2-3 year old batch of un-stoved I had before. I'm...
  6. MarcosEZLN

    Yet Another Ode To Peter Stokkebye L.N.F.

    LNF fills a similar role for me in pipe tobacco that Pacifico w/ a lime wedge serves in beer. Quite often I want something a bit more complex, something with a little depth to it. Sometimes I just want something light, refreshing, and simple, though, and that's where these two come in. LNF is...
  7. MarcosEZLN

    Hello From My Little Tip of Tacoma

    Hello from a couple hours north, Bellingham WA, and welcome to the forum.
  8. MarcosEZLN

    Cigar Leaf

    You might want to take a look at John Patton's blends, available only in bulk on 4noggins. Storm Front, Dark Horse, and Oriental Dusk are all very tasty cigar leaf blends, in my opinion. I've tried and failed to get into cigars, but I love the depth cigar leaf gives those blends.
  9. MarcosEZLN

    First Egg - Rusticated With Slightly Bent Stem

    That looks great! I get almost a Brandy/Egg hybrid vibe from the shape. Hey, just as a heads up, I'm still getting weird issues with your site. When I look at the available pipes page this is what comes up:
  10. MarcosEZLN

    09/06/2021 Stockebye Navy Flake

    See, but this tobacco is already down the road. This is like a tobacco time machine that lets you tell yourself in 2009 to buy Luxury Navy Flake.
  11. MarcosEZLN

    ***What Are You Smoking, September 2021?***

    Inaugural smoke in the new Radice Rind Pure billiard, decided to go with Luxury Navy Flake.
  12. MarcosEZLN

    09/06/2021 Stockebye Navy Flake

    Picked up a pound of @Dan-o$ aged LNF myself and I can vouch for it having been shipped very quickly and in great condition. It's hard to put a price on the 12+ years of aging on this blend, but I'd say $80 a pound is on the very low end. Great deal, glad I snagged some.
  13. MarcosEZLN

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    Thanks for the heads up, I did see that mentioned in the reviews. I've never tried the blend but these were $25 each and it seemed like too good of a deal to pass up.
  14. MarcosEZLN

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    This is the last month or so for me. That's the standard issue stuff (Doblone d'Oro, Acadian Perique, Luxury Navy Flake, Brown Clunee, Capstan, Sutliff Crumble Cake, McConnell Scottish Cake, Wessex Campaign Dark Flake, and Elizabethan). I also bought a pound of '07-'08 Stokkebye Luxury Navy...
  15. MarcosEZLN

    FS: Nuttens, Peterson, Dunhill, Bay Meerschaum, Nording 9/5/21

    Price on the Peterson Deluxe looks to be missing. Beautiful pipes, good luck with the sale!
  16. MarcosEZLN

    Show Us Your American Made Pipes

    They're his as in he made them all.
  17. MarcosEZLN

    Show Us Your American Made Pipes

    I must have seen this one posted somewhere before because I remember being absolutely floored by how gorgeous it is. What a stunner.
  18. MarcosEZLN

    Comoy's Collectors Thread

    Just recently picked up my first Comoy's pipe, purchased from a member of this forum. It's also my first pot shape (De Luxe 102), and I've been quite pleased with it. Great little smoker, looks classy, and very light.
  19. MarcosEZLN

    Subtle but Flavorful Aros

    I'm going to send you a PM. I can get you squared away on a few things.
  20. MarcosEZLN

    Subtle but Flavorful Aros

    I agree on the Luxury Twist Flake. Though some contend it doesn't have added flavoring most people pick up a sweet caramel or coconut flavor. Plus, it's cheap and readily available. My other suggestion might be controversial, but I'm a big fan of Samuel Gawith's Firedance Flake. It's their Best...