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  1. lightmybriar

    Buyer Beware: Leftturnvintage On Ebay

    Just a heads up, fellow pipesmokers! This morning I won an auction on eBay for a beautiful 1937 Dunhill billiard. I was astounded to see that the auction ended at $26.00 with free shipping. The pipe was in excellent condition and the photos were fantastic. Every detail, including all the...
  2. lightmybriar

    A Tanshell LB On The Bench

    Picked up this 1958 Tanshell LB for a low price, which was not without reason. It’s had a tough life! Hoping to pull of off a few restorative miracles and will update when this fine fella is looking his best.
  3. lightmybriar

    The Perfect Pipe For Ramsgate?

    During my usual browsing of eBay last night, my attention was drawn to a listing with a very peculiar looking pipe. Something seemed funny to me, so I went to read the description: “One of a kind pipe, made out of a rams horn. Once in a lifetime find! Vintage pipes condition is “used” Looking...
  4. lightmybriar

    A McClelland English Replacement?

    Happy weekend, friends! I am currently combusting my very first bowl of Esoterica Margate. I believe, if I was blindfolded, I could easily mistake this for McClelland British Woods, or maybe even Wilderness, which had Syrian Latakia. As this is my first bowl, I have yet to do a proper...
  5. lightmybriar

    My New MarTelo Classic Brindle Billiard

    Ohhhh boy! After the mailman ruined my day two times 🤪 and sent this pipe back to Brazil twice, this third delivery was a success! A quite substantial Gustavo Cunha Brindle Billiard. STUNNING BEAUTY! My MarTelo bent Billiard is already my finest smoking pipe I own. I have no doubt this...
  6. lightmybriar

    A Very Happy Passover!

    A very happy, joyful, peace-filled Passover to all who are celebrating! My family will be using some sort of video chat to celebrate together this year. It’ll be odd, but I am grateful that something like that exists these days. Looking forward to a week of fun and happiness in the midst of...
  7. lightmybriar

    Musical Entertainment For The Quarantined :)

    All bars and restaurants have closed here in Ohio, so my band is out of work for a while. Here is an hour of us playing from a few weeks ago, for those who could use some extra entertainment while we’re all locked away in safety :)
  8. lightmybriar

    C&D XX Flake Review

    Tin Note: A little reminiscent of Union Square. Sweet, clean, pleasant. Very little Perique noticeable. No obvious orientals stand out to me. First Light: Very sweet. Crisp. Slight bit of oriental tasting floral-mustiness. A little sweet chocolate aftertaste. Not really tasting any Perique...
  9. lightmybriar

    C&D XX Flake Dark Review

    Tin Note: Very rich aroma, sweet, dark, slightly fruity with a tiny bit of Perique musk. Not a typical C&D tin note for VaPer blends. First Light: Bright and dark Virginia flavors all hit at once. There is a muted black pepper Perique taste in the background, but not bland. Retrohale is very...
  10. lightmybriar

    New Mac Baren HH Tobacco Coming (2020)

    Hello fellows! Per Georg Jensen posted a video to Instagram yesterday in which he stated there is a new tobacco coming to the HH line. He intentionally left the sound off of the video so as to keep things secret. I have no inside information or hints as to what it could be, but just thought...
  11. lightmybriar

    History On The Peterson XL315

    I’ve been wanting a distinctly Peterson pipe for a long time, so I knew I wanted a System pipe, and I finally decided on getting their Calabash-ish XL315. Smokingpipes had this estate with fantastic grain and a fine price, so it’s on its way to me! Being a mostly Dunhill guy, I love to know as...
  12. lightmybriar

    Samuel Gawith St. James Flake Review

    As can be seen in the above photo, my supply of St. James Flake has a fair amount of age on it (5+ years?). This tobacco is a good amount lighter in color when fresh, and darkens considerably with time. As the color changes, the taste sweetens and deepens. The tin note is deep, sweet, and very...
  13. lightmybriar

    A Tanshell Time Capsule

    Greeting and well-wishes, all. I have recently acquired an unsmoked Dunhill Tanshell, made in 1964. This is the oldest unsmoked Dunhill I’ve seen in person. What really interested me was the color of the pipe. I always thought that Tanshells started off fairly light in color, and slowly...
  14. lightmybriar

    LC-Based MarTelo Pipe

    Hello friends! :puffpipe: A fellow Dunhill collector friend of mine and myself commissioned a pair of LC-inspired pipes to be made for us by Gustavo Cunha. They just got finished and will be shipping out to us tomorrow. If any of you haven’t checked out Gustavo’s work before, do yourself a...
  15. lightmybriar

    A Beautiful Comoy Royal (Pre-War?)

    Happy Sunday, friends! I was very kindly gifted this Comoy by a friend and fellow Dunhill collector. I had mentioned that I don’t own a Comoy and knew very little about them. This pipe turned up in my mailbox, as his way of introducing me to the brand. Quite an introduction! As I now have lots...
  16. lightmybriar

    Baking Soda Ghostbuster?

    It seems obvious, as it is an odor eater, but it seems that no one has tried it before, or if they have, they haven’t discussed it... So... Anyone tried using baking soda or a baking soda / alcohol treatment to freshen up an old estate bowl? I’m about to do so. I’ll report back. I hope I’m not...
  17. lightmybriar

    221B Duke Street; Factory Shank Repair?

    Hello friends! I’ve noticed that a few of my Patent-era Shell Briars have very well-done (to my untrained eye, at least) shank repairs. The line is perfectly straight for the entire circumference of the shank, and it seems that perhaps even the grain of the briar might be different on each...
  18. lightmybriar

    Horological Adventure

    Happy end of the week, all. This Monday, I will be attending AWCI’s week-long 21st Century Watchmaking Standards class. It is my first official step towards what I hope will be a path ending in becoming a professional watchmaker / watch repair person. Are there any professional horologists...
  19. lightmybriar

    A Root Briar Tanshell? Neat!

    Hello, all! I just won this pipe. It caught my eye because it’s stamped “Root Briar,” but it’s sandblasted and has the T for Tanshell stamped after the group number. Too much to drink before showing up for work that day? Has anybody ever seen a sandblasted Root Briar before?
  20. lightmybriar

    Is A Resurrection Possible?

    Happy Sunday, fellow pipists! :puffpipe: I picked up this once-beautiful-but-currently-quite-sad Dunhill from 1955(?). The crack in the bowl was not noticeable when I bought it, but since I didn’t pay all that much for it, I don’t mind. My only question is, am I being silly for wondering if...