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  1. aimlesswanderer

    Taking A Break

    Sorry guys, I'm going to bail for a while. Too much animosity around here lately. It doesn't make for pleasant reading. To those members attacking anyone who thinks differently to you, or are adamantly defending brands products or behaviours you feel are under attack, in time everyone will agree...
  2. aimlesswanderer

    The Psychology Of Cellaring

    There are people who think cellaring is crazy. There are people who think NOT cellaring is crazy. Who is right, and who is wrong? Well, that comes down to the individual concerned. There is NO universally correct approach. To the casual observer, there are two apparent "factions" in the pipe...
  3. aimlesswanderer

    Do You Change Technique On Wide Bowled Pipes?

    Three years into driving a pipe, I generally consider myself reasonably competent, and discarded the metaphorical L plates a while ago. However, you should never stop learning, so I'd like to throw out my experiences with wide bowled pipes, and see if anyone tells me that I've missed a trick...
  4. aimlesswanderer

    This Ageing Malarky....

    ... maybe I ought to find out what all the fuss is about.... I don't cellar tobaccos, I just grab a pouch or tin of whatever takes my fancy, and smoke it till I run out or get bored, and just buy others on an "as and when" basis. I've currently got three sealed tins which I was going to crack...
  5. aimlesswanderer

    Cob Colouring

    I've had a few cobs for the better part of three years now, and they've certainly had a fair few bowls smoked in them over that time. However, they don't appear to be taking on much in the way of colour change. My question here is whether this is due to the fact I'm a low volume smoker, and the...
  6. aimlesswanderer

    Fold and Stuff Always Fails For Me

    I do like flake tobaccos, generally smoked either lightly rubbed out or cut into small chunks ("cube" cut), but I always find folded and stuffed flake to be highly disappointing. Not only is it more of a PITA to get lit and keep lit than rubbed out or cube cut, but it always seems to burn down...
  7. aimlesswanderer

    How Many Tobaccos Do You Have "Live"?

    This may well seem like a nonsensical question to some folks here, so I'll try to give it some context. I've tried sampling a range of different tobaccos in the past, and had several blends "on the go" at any one time. However, I am a low volume smoker, which means I've had a lot of tobacco dry...
  8. aimlesswanderer

    Getting mixed messages about Falcons

    I have read up on people's feelings about Falcon pipes several times over the last few years, and the general consensus is that they are great pipes, which smoke brilliantly, often improving the taste of tobaccos, and they are very user friendly. However, in the subtext of the conversations...
  9. aimlesswanderer

    First Unread Post?

    If visiting a thread I have read before, how do I jump to the first new/unread post in that thread, without having to manually scroll through the whole thing to see where I got to last time?