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    Looking for a Good Mixing Base for Blending.

    A pure Turkish would go great with your Latikia and a touch of black cavendish
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    Purple Salt?

    Might had been dipped stained at one point.
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    New Ashton Acquisition

    Nice looking pipe! Love the stem.
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    Your Latest Pipe Purchase

    Thanks to everyone for the replies and pictures to this thread. I have enjoyed reading and looking at all of them.
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    How to Choose the Right Tobacco?

    If you want a nice smoky blend that will not disappoint that will have a nice nicotine hit then try the Frog Morton blends cellar,bayou by McLelland, you can pick it up at 4noggins. You could also try some Peter Stockkebye bulls eye flake. If you like the Frog Morton then try some pirate...
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    For the Remainder of Your Life

    Thanks everyone for conforming with this thread, I have very much enjoyed reading each and every post. So if anyone else would like to add more to this post please do, I will not over look any of your post.
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    Your Latest Pipe Purchase

    I'm sure that's it Mr. Pruss I just was trying to see are read about folks most recent purchases in one big nice cool looking thread. I thought it would be a cool thread to show off your most recent purchases. But I guess I thought wrong. Ill just stop creating threads from now on.
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    What Are You Smoking? August 2013

    50/50 blend of FM on the bayou with pure Latikia. In my Stanwell colonial.
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    Your Latest Pipe Purchase

    I just made this post for members to post recent pipe purchases, yet I see other people posting similar post, very recent, I don't understand this logic. Are they too good to post on this thread? Or is it that they are not even reading threw recent threads. I do not try to duplicate threads by...
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    Your Latest Pipe Purchase

    O my, I'm getting chill bumps with all these great pipes, and the pipe pictures are a real plus. If you do have pictures then please post them with your latest pipe purchases. Also might I add that any new purchases that you guys make in the future come here and post again, this will help keep...
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    Your Latest Pipe Purchase

    Just to get the thread started I must say it has been over 3 years since my last pipe purchase. I know that's terrible but it's the truth. My latest purchase was a Savinelli Black Set 606 edition.
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    McClelland Coyote Classic.

    Thanks guys for all the great looking suggestions. Just a quick line to let all of you know that normally I do not utilize the site on the weekends. It's only because I like to dedicate this time to my family 100%. On the week days I will be very active on the site always. I could not pass up...
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    Last TAD For A Couple Years.

    Omg, that flake looks absolutely scrumptious. Did it come in that nice package? Would you consider letting it age in that package as is.
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    For the Remainder of Your Life

    Tasty,tasty post I see Good for you good for me We all like to come around So let me know when you get to town We will have a smoke we will have a beer Can not wait for you to appear.
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    4noggins Aro Order

    What a tasty looking order! Love 4noggins
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    How Can I Re-Hydrate or Moisten Dry Tobacco?

    Fnord. Non taken what's so ever I love all you guys. And I'm not done yet still a lot of work to be done :-)
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    Anyone Like Captain Black

    I can't stand a sweet Budweiser, I love rolling rock, corona extra and Sam Adams.
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    What Languages do You Speak?

    In my job the ones that can learn to read write and speak another foreign language get an extra 400 a month on there paycheck, I'm currently working on my linguistic degree. But I type terrible and misspell everything
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    What Languages do You Speak?

    No I am born and raised Mississippi, full 100% true blooded Irish American, I work for the government. So it would be who off me to have learned the language with all the travel that I have done threw overseas deployments.
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    What Languages do You Speak?