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  1. homewaters

    The Quality of the Stamping

    Neal, that's an amazing set you have there! Great pictures as always!
  2. homewaters

    Let’s See Them Pics - You And Your Pet While Smoking

    With my little buddy on a hike this afternoon. She was way too busy smelling things and running all over the place but I managed to get her attention for this shot... Sorry the OP was asking for a pipe but the weather today just called for a cigar!
  3. homewaters

    New from Quebec City, Canada

    Tabagie du Boulevard is quite alright, very decent selection of cigars and pipe tobacco. The only downside is you gotta know what you're looking for as most of the staff there are non-smokers or have very little knowledge about our hobby. Bienvenue, originaire de Nicolet ici!
  4. homewaters

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (September 2018)

    HH Old Dark Fired RR in a Larrysson.
  5. homewaters

    Ce n’est pas mon quatre millième post!

    Congrats on 4000. Keep at it, I enjoy reading your posts!
  6. homewaters

    Airline Galley Trolley Pipe Rack

    Great idea, thanks for sharing. Btw, I always enjoy the quality of your pictures!
  7. homewaters

    Should I Buy This Pipe?

    There goes the conspiracy theory out the window hahaha!
  8. homewaters

    Should I Buy This Pipe?

    That's interesting... when I click the link the pipe shows at $10,000 and not 9. Is there a difference between the price we see in Canada and the price you guys see from within the US? Looking at his portfolio further down the page, all these pipes sold and a lot of them were priced at 5k!
  9. homewaters

    Well, This Is Kind of Cool...

    It will be easier to show your wife this amazing new meerschaum you found at the flea market for $15 than trying to pull off the same story when a USPS box is involved hahaha
  10. homewaters

    Adobe Lightroom CC [I Finally Switched]

    I do real estate photography as a side business and I have been using the classic version of Lightroom so far. After reading this, I will certainly have a look at CC and Capture One!
  11. homewaters

    Search is on... Dunhill 197

    I have one that looks almost the same as a 197 but the model number is 43031. William at has one, a shell from 1980, unsmoked...
  12. homewaters

    Dark and earthy tobacco recommendation

    +1 on Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired. It's a very satisfying smoke without knocking your socks off in the nicotine department!
  13. homewaters

    Help Me Understand Pipe Prices

    bigpond, a post like your answer to the OP is the reason why I come here to read and learn about pipes. Thank you.
  14. homewaters

    Newbie in Michigan

  15. homewaters

    Recommend a pipe roll.

    Thanks, I'll be on the lookout!
  16. homewaters

    Recommend a pipe roll.

    @npod that's a beautiful pipe in your pictures, who's the maker if you don't mind me asking?
  17. homewaters

    Recommend a pipe roll.

    carolinachurchwarden, the one you made is very well made and as you use it more and more it will get a nice patina!
  18. homewaters

    Recommend a pipe roll.

    He also makes a few smaller versions, the one I own is the Original Standard, perfect for 2 pipes, a lighter, cleaners and tamper and I put tobacco in a ziploc bag and it fits just right in one of the sides. photo credits: SORRINGOWL & SONS
  19. homewaters

    Recommend a pipe roll.

    I have seen a really nice one yesterday. I get the newsletter from Frank, the owner of Sorring Owl & Sons. The model I'm talking about is the John Muir, well made! I own a pipe roll made by Frank when he started his Etsy shop and I can't recommend him enough!
  20. homewaters

    Buddy My New Catahoula

    Congrats, he's a beautiful pup!