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    Really Pleased with My Free Pipe from P&C

    HI, I put in an order that qualified for the free pipe promotion on P&C. I am extremely happy with it! I didn't have high hopes and I normally get my tobacco from another online source, but they didn't have a blend I was searching for in stock so I went with P&C. The pipe is a Royal Dutch (I am...
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    First try of Penzance, what drink to pair with it?

    Pretty excited. Trying this blend for the first time. Want to make something special out of it. I am in the city of Montreal Canada for work, and am headed to a smoking lounge that serves alcohol. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!
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    Peterson Meerschaum, are they pressed or block?

    Looking to determine if these pipes are made from block meerschaum or the lower grade pressed stuff. Does anyone have a definite answer?
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    any good movie suggestions

    Hey Gents and ladies, thinking about heading out to the movies tonight. Anyone have any good suggestions?
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    A night to share with my brothers of the briar

    Hello gentlemen, I hope this finds you well. Sitting on the back deck of the yacht I work on. Smoking my third bowl of Magnum Opus. I have watched the sun set, shared a bowl with a published temporal physicist, listening to his anecdotes of partying with Paul McCartney, shared a corona with a...
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    bit of a pipe mystery for any one curious...

    Hi, looking for a little help tracking down the maker of the pipe below. I took the picture of the pipe below at the Chicago pipe show. I was trying to be responsible and not buy pipes on impulse without seeing all of what was on offer. I thought I was being clever by using my new phone to take...
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    Just Arrived in Pheasant Run

    Whoo Hoo! Just got in, about to head out to check out the resort and familiarize myself with where everything is and will be! Pretty excited.
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    Driving to the Chicago pipe Show any Suggestions??

    Hey I am driving from Ft Lauderdale to the Pipe show in Chicago. (I am bringing my Girlfirends jeep to her, so being a nice guy pays off a bit!) I am planning on three days to do it, with the possibility of making it four. I'd like to know if anyone has any cool ideas about places to stop on the...
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    Are there any blends you can smoke and chew?

    I've heard in a few places that sailors created and or used the plug and rope format of pipe tobacco and that they would chew the tobacco when it wasn't possible to smoke and smoke the tobacco in thier pipes when they had the time and conditions to do so. If that is true, are there any blends...
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    Briar Curing?

    hi all, was hoping some one could explain this concept? Just read an article that mentions curing, oil, air and kiln curing, I haven't come across much information on this subject. How is curing achieved, how long does the process take, is it done before or after the briar is drilled? What is...
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    A Question About Vulcanite Stems

    I had a strange experience. I was in a pipe shop the other day and a pipe caught my eye. I decided I wanted to investigate purchasing it. I was examining it and it looked great. No fills on the inside of the bowl, well drilled and it had a 4 mm airhole (something I wanted to try) i asked...
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    4 new shapes From Peterson

    For all the Pete nuts out there here is a piece of gossip. I was recently at the factory for a tour and while there saw a photo on the factory floor of 4 new shapes being added to the Sherlock Holmes range. The first thought that jumped to mind was to snap a pic of the photo and then "leak" the...
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    My first attempt at a pic posting

    Me in Donegal...
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    Pipe Shops in London?

    Hi all, just made a change to my flight home to have dinner with a couple of friends in London, does anyone have recomendations for "must visit" pipe shops in London? I have about 4 to 6 hrs in the town center tomorrow, and would love to visit a great pipe shop. Cheers for any advice!!
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    Visit to Dublin

    Landed in Dublin today. Exhausted but excited. My Girlfriend will join me on Sunday. We are in Ireland for about 10 days. We both have roots and family in this country and are going to do some visiting and exploring, she is much more connected to her roots that I am, the biggest draw for me was...
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    CBW alternative

    I have enjoyed CB White, the taste and "easy smokingness" of it are very appealing. Also I have found that it is very easy to come by. However I have been put off by the "chemicallyness" of it. I am in search of a similar experience - pleasing room note (so I can smoke in company without taking...
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    Hey all, Tried Lanes's 1Q for the first time today, in 2 pipes, the first one was a small no name nosewarmer, it went really well, I used the tobacco as the first bowl for the pipe(it was new and never smoked) I really quite liked it!!, smooth and a little sweet, it reminded me of the first...
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    PS luxury Bullseye Flake

    What are members thoughts on this tobacco? I am really liking Dunhill's Navy rolls and want to give this a try? Curious what peeple on here think???
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    A question on buying Peterson Pipes, Help needed

    Hi all, this is a bit long winded, but I am hoping that those of you with knowledge and experience with Peterson (and pipe collecting in general) will be able to offer me some sage advice after reading the following. I have 2 months of Holiday coming up around mid March. I am seriously...
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    New pipe bowl heavily varnished

    Got a new pipe with some heavy varnish/stain in the bowl. I don't want to smoke it without sanding back the stain and varnish. Can anyone see any major mishaps with this plan? I will just sand out the bowl till I am happey, then break the pipe in slowly... Any ideas? Any tips on breaking the...