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  1. Razorback

    An Alternative Margate...

    @WNCLEE28466 if you want to try Margate, PM me your address and I’ll send you a decent sample at no charge.
  2. Razorback

    WTB Wessex Campaign Dark Flake 08-14-21

    @vink , not sure if P&C ships to Canada but they have it in stock right now:
  3. Razorback

    Best Tobacco Type for Each Category

    In stock here:
  4. Razorback

    Since it Doesn't Look Like I Will Ever Get to Try Penzance

    @tzinc PM me your address if you like, and I’ll send you a sample of Penzance to try, so that you can determine for yourself whether it’s worth the hunt. To your original question, I have found no substitute for this blend.
  5. Razorback

    Quality of Sutliff Tobacco

    Agreed, their 2020 Cringle Flake is outstanding!
  6. Razorback

    Still a Little Esoterica at P&C

    $50.62 landed cost for me for a single bag. They gave me the $3.99 basic shipping option.
  7. Razorback

    Thought I Was Smooth

    Buyers set the market prices, not sellers, at least for non-essential items such as pipe tobacco. Without a buyer, nothing sells. OP, enjoy your score! Congrats on your tins today!
  8. Razorback

    Carter Hall Tobacco

    It’s in stock at Milan, along with PA, if anyone is looking. But then again, Milan is the seller that erroneously told everyone it was being discontinued several months ago, (allegedly) in order to help sell their own match blends, which helped triggered this whole thing...
  9. Razorback

    Revor Plug Discountinued

    I really hope it’s not the end of Revor, that Synjeco’s info is incorrect. I grabbed some pouches from them several months ago, just to be sure I have some for the long haul, just in case.
  10. Razorback

    Revor Plug Discountinued

    Chris Gawith advised several months ago that GH does NOT manufacture Revor Plug, they are only the distributor. The stickers on the pouches have the STG codes on them also. Paging @oldgeezersmoker on this, as he really knows his stuff and can advise.
  11. Razorback

    Question on Falcon pipe Stems

    Yes, I bought a straight stemmed black Hunter from this site a few months ago for $28-ish shipped to the USA. I like it a lot.
  12. Razorback

    Hello from Macon Georgia

    Welcome from Sandy Sorings, GA, about two hours north of you.
  13. Razorback

    Cellar Audit

    I keep an incredibly detailed spreadsheet of all of my pipe tobacco and cigars. It’s a lot of work, but it gives me a dopamine dump to look at it and know that I am set for my lifetime if need be. It also helps me when trading. I can pull up the spreadsheet quickly to find out what I have and...
  14. Razorback

    4Noggins, The New Pipes & Cigars

    I’ve ordered from Jeff five or six times over the past few years, and he’s always been helpful to me. Even sold me some G&H that he found on the shelf that wasn’t showing on the site. Always answered the phone when I called, and answered my emails also. Not doubting or questioning the...
  15. Razorback

    How Deep is Your Cellar?

    Based on my current consumption and my past buying habits, myself (age 42), my children and my future grandchildren will be stocked for life! 😂
  16. Razorback

    Esoterica Drop

    This is a great response to this thread and it mirrors my experience perfectly. Well done!
  17. Razorback

    Dangers Of MacB HH Blends With FDA Regs?

    Dark Flake is already back in production and is available in the UK. Hopefully it will return to the USA soon.
  18. Razorback

    How Long Are Your Orders Taking To Process And Ship ?

    I would definitely call. Jeff is very accessible by phone and has always fixed any issues in the past, with a quick phone call. I don’t order from them often, but he’s always taken good care of me.
  19. Razorback

    Tobacco Sales Back on eBay

    I’ve seen the McClelland tins listings go through these past few days/weeks, but now some Esotericas are going through also. Will be interesting to see if the completed posts get taken down or if they stay up.