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    Kiribi vs IM Corona

    So ive decided to splurge on a nice lighter and trying to decide between these two brands. Does anyone here own both and can say which they prefer? The difference in price doesn’t concern me if the IM Corona truly is better finished or performs better.
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    Dunhill Aperitif Underrated?

    I was able to pick up my first tin of Aperitif last week and have now smoked a few bowls. This is absolutely fantastic! A full smoke that is very well balanced and burns beautifully. Does anyone else think this blend is often overlooked because of more popular blends such as EMP, Elizabethan...
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    Dunhill Aperitif Underrated?

    sorry double post
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    RIP Nightcap

    Man, my wife and I just finished a great bottle of french wine and im sitting in my garage with a glass of scotch enjoying a bowl of nightcap before bed. Does life get any better than this? As much as i hate whats become of the Dunhill name, i will miss this blend tremendously!
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    Outdoor Winter Tobacco

    This coming weekend I will be visiting one of my good friends who recently bought quite a bit of forest land a few hours outside of the city. Were planning to walk around the woods and check it out. So besides making sure that the dog and I are equipped for the cold and we have a compass/gps, i...
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    Hello from Montreal, Qc

    Hello everyone, i have been reading this forum for the last few months and decided to join the community. I am 30yrs old and began smoking briar pipes about 1 year ago as an alternative to cigars which are extremely expensive here in Canada. Safe to say that now I’m hooked and rarely smoke...