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  1. Ethan


    Just finishing up a bowl of Sobrani, while doing some trimming/wire removal on one of my bonsai projects. Curious if anyone else is into this stuff, or if it's just me. Juniper purchased from Home Depot last year as a landscape shrub, and my first attempt at creating a cascade style bonsai from...
  2. Ethan

    Good Times, Baccy, Bourbon, and BBQ

    Took a ride a few hours North to my brother in laws place in New Hampshire yesterday for some family BBQ time. Figured I would crack a tin of some aged Balkan Sobrani for the occasion. Never had this blend before, and acquired the tin from a local pipe shop a while back after they had done some...
  3. Ethan

    Bacon Old Fashioned

    This 1 if you look online has a lot of polarizing reviews....anything from if you like whiskey you will like this, to tastes like feet and mold. In my experience neither are accurate. When I first tried this it had a unique flavor I did not understand. Not a bad 1, and I slowly smoked the whole...
  4. Ethan

    Mug Shots

    Got new glasses for the first time in about 8 years today. Smoking my new olive wood nose warmer, with some Rattrays Accountant's mixture. Drop a pic of yourself smoking a pipe in the comments...since I can now see what you look like,lol. 2021 will be the year my youngest turns 21...and I get...
  5. Ethan

    Bargain With Friends

    I like pipes made out of unique woods, or with other interesting features. When I came across these I was immediately intrigued. Price is good...olive wood is something I don't have a pipe made out of. I reached out to a couple buddies, and talked them into this idea, got my offer accepted for a...
  6. Ethan

    This Just In!! CH

    Just received an email notification, for those who have waited....Carter Hall is back in stock online!!
  7. Ethan

    Drucquer And Sons, Blairegowrie

    I grabbed a good amount of this when the sale popped up knowing the ingredient list was right up my alley, and having enjoyed other offerings Greg Pease has had a hand in. Does not disappoint. Broken flake, that has a sweet spot for me with about a half hour of drying time outside the tin, and...
  8. Ethan

    Uncooperative Pipes

    Finally got around to ordering a solution for those pipes that just refuse to stand up on their own. Simple, effective, Made in USA...and not ridiculously priced. Not sure what more I could want in this scenario. What are you guys using if anything?
  9. Ethan

    Looks Like the New Neighbors are....Trash

    Had some people move in across the street, fairly young, about my daughter's age. So far they haven't been very friendly, no waves, no interest in getting know anyone around here. Lots of traffic in and out. Just heard from the guy next door, his wife was out on there screened in porch, and...
  10. Ethan

    Bulldog Finally Acquired!!

    I have been on the hunt for a bulldog to add to my collection. It seems like something I have been after forever, and not found just the right 1, at the right price point. I finally found a 1 that was worth it to me to buy brand new. The Nording Valhalla spigot sandblast ticked all the boxes for...
  11. Ethan

    Your First Pipe?

    I was just going to put up another addition to the "what are you smoking" thread, but I am curious...This is the first pipe I ever bought. It's marked European Selection, Italy. Paid $20 for it new over 25 years ago, back when we had a pipe shop in the local mall. How many of you still have your...
  12. Ethan

    What A Doll.... And Tobacco Gifts

    A while back my wife got me a tin of the MacBaren's Latakia Roll Cake. I stuffed half in a mason jar to age, and have quite happily smoked my way through the other half. I have been looking into ordering more before they run out of this ltd. edition, but with other recent tobacco...and pipe...
  13. Ethan

    80 Mile Drive...New Pipe

    Made time to visit LJ Peretti's in Boston today. 1/2 lb of the house 150th flake, 2 100g tin of Rattray's Red Rapperee, 1 tin 1792 Flake, and a oil finish bent rhody with the Perreti stamp in the briar. So it looks like I will not be taking advatntage of the SP sale on Petes this time around
  14. Ethan

    Backwoods Red Pipe Tobacco

    With the lack of availability in certain blends, Carter Hall to be specific, I have been searching a bit for something to fill that void. Being a smooth, well behaved tobacco, that doesn't take all my cash to have a fair quantity on hand. This caught my eye since I do enjoy a Backwoods cigar...
  15. Ethan

    PS Amsterdam 83 Alternatives.

    I have looked online the last couple days, and have been unsuccessful at locating even an ounce of this tobacco. Also, there is no option to be notified when it returns.... I have probably less than half a pound before I run out as well. Anyone know of any good alternatives to this with similar...
  16. Ethan

    Windjammer In A Brand New Vauen Pipe

    A new blend for me, and a unique VA/per that is made up VA, burley, black cavendish, and a "generous" amount of Perique. No question, the perique is noticeable immediately in this for me, a plus in my book. Every bowl so far I have rubbed out the broken flake/cake pieces, and let them air dry...
  17. Ethan

    Carter Hall Packaging Info?

    Anyone have any info on the 2 styles of pouch seen here, like when the change took place? The tobacco is good in either so it's really more of a curiosity than anything.
  18. Ethan

    A Visit To My Favorite Local Pipe Shop Today

    They are having a pipe night/in house special for St. Patrick's Day, thought I would stop in. Main specials were on Vauen pipes, none of which really caught my eye. Grabbed some pipe cleaners, soft bit protector's, a couple pouches of Carter Hall [from a different place on the way], and some...
  19. Ethan

    Trying Some New Things Today

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Peterson 3Ps tobacco, and 1 of those universal windscreens I had seen mentioned in a recent post on here. There were some rather favorable thoughts regarding the windcap, so when I took a trip to my local tobacco store and found 1 in stock for 3...
  20. Ethan

    A Portrait of a Man Being Bit by a Dog...

    So I managed to get my hands on a pouch of one of the old time classic tobaccos I have yet to try today, Grainger! Got home rather excited to try it, opened the pouch, and packed about 2/3 of a bowl, went outside and sat down for nice relaxing smoke. About halfway through getting it lit, there...