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  1. clunk

    Pleasant Surprises, or: Your New Favorite Recent Tobacco Acquisitions

    I have an old tobacco tin that i keep a little sponge in. Every now and then i buy a small bottle of single malt and drop a tiny amount onto the sponge then throw in some Windor Breeze. I then close the lid and walk away. After a month i smoke it. Pure magic.
  2. clunk

    What Are You Smoking? *March 2013*

    Windsor Breeze in an unknown Peterson full bent.
  3. clunk

    Total Bliss

    I went to my local park today. Summer was trying to break through and it was kind of mild. I had my trusty Ashton, a full bent with a mother of a 25mm bowl, a tin of Punchbowle, and my newspaper. I always head for an area of the park that's out of the way, in particular a seat that's hidden from...
  4. clunk

    Going in for Surgery on the 12th of This Month.

    Good luck with the surgery and finding a place you hide and smoke your pipe afterwards, mate.
  5. clunk

    If You Also Smoke Cigs, What Do You Smoke?

    I roll my own and smoke Goldern Virginia. Because of outrageous taxes i buy mine from smugglers.
  6. clunk

    Etiquette or Selfconciousness?

    I posted the price i paid for a pipe once and felt like an idiot afterwards. I try not to do it because with the excessive anti smoking taxes we pay here the moment i post a price everyone in the forum would burst into a flood of tears, so i stay silent and cry on my lonesome.
  7. clunk

    Tobacco pouch?

    I bought my first pouch in the mid 1960s. I thought it would make me look sophisticated to the girls. It was bright orange and made me look an idiot. Either that or it was the pink pipe?
  8. clunk

    Happy 4/20 day? wtf?

    We decriminalised it, making it a small fine if it is a personal amount. I live under an airport landing flight path and haven't heard anyone missing the runway yet.
  9. clunk


    That's OK then. For a moment i thought i had joined a forum of pipe smoking russian women.
  10. clunk

    Peterson Dracula Series

    I kinda like them. To me they seem a very formal trio, the sort you buy as a set. I think the name will impact on the sales figures a lot. Any details or prices out yet?
  11. clunk


    I have just noticed that the vast majority seem to have beards.... ....are you all hiding.
  12. clunk

    Fresh vs Aging

    When i first smoked a pipe i smuggled 2 jars of loose stuff over the border to avoid tax. I found that the flavour strengthen as i smoked my way down one jar. One jar became overly strong. In general i think that you need to know how to judge when it has reached its prime. Go beyond that prime...
  13. clunk

    Tobacco tax

    The tax we in the U.K. pay on pipe tobacco is $147.5 (£98.01) on each 2.2 pound of the stuff. Does anyone pay anymore?
  14. clunk

    An introduction, some thoughts, and questions from a new smoker.

    Welcome. One of the most important things you need to remember about smoking a pipe is never smoke during sex, apart from that anything goes.
  15. clunk

    Brothers in arms

    Those were very much emoitional three days for me. The last time i saw these guys we were in a hole listening to lead wasps fly overhead, shooting at every noise we heard. Twenty years later i get a letter with a picture of us all standing next to an iraqi tank, and a note containing a date...
  16. clunk

    Credit Cards

    From what i have been reading it seems that several U.S. states have been pressing all the main credit card companies to stop their cards from being used to buy tobacco. Every major credit card company promptly banned buying tobacco from the U.S. Buying from a bricks and mortar shop requires...
  17. clunk

    Credit Cards

    These ones are an example. EVERY website outside of the U.S. is banned from buying any tobacco leaf product from inside the U.S. Banned Banned Banned Banned
  18. clunk

    Credit Cards

    What's with this cannot send to the U.S. if you buy with a credit card if the tobacco purchase is made with plastic?. It's on every website we have over here.
  19. clunk

    English tobacco

    Without any Latakia Purchased from Pipes and Cigars Click here
  20. clunk

    Brothers in arms

    At this moment in time i'm in an old barn in Scotland with three desert storm pals. One has Mac Barens Seven Seas Regular Blend in an estate, one has Peterson Sunset Breeze in a Meerschaum, and one has Borkum Riff Cherry in an Ashton Estate. Me, I have Windsor Breeze in an Ashton. My old stove...