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  1. dcrguns

    America's Game

    Remember, Army/Navy game this weekend! Army unveiled its uniform for the game. Remembering the "Big Red 1". Should be fun. My son is in Echo company 1st Regiment at USMA. Go Army Beat Navy!
  2. dcrguns

    Army Wins

    Army beat Navy 14-13 in a snowy cold game in Philadelphia today. My son was there in the USMA class of 2021. Great experience and he is making memories that will last a lifetime. Fourth from the right.
  3. dcrguns

    P&C IPSD ReDo 20% off

    Just letting you all know, P&C is having a IPSD ReDo and offering 20% off, goodie box, and free shipping with qualified orders. I placed a small order we shall see how they do.
  4. dcrguns

    New Murray's Blends

    Anyone try any of these new Murray's blends? I was specifically looking at the 1921 Cunningham.
  5. dcrguns

    Pipeworks & Wilke Carole Burns Retiring From Tobacco

    Just got an email from Carole Burns. She is retiring from her tobacco part of her business. Sad to hear her getting out of the tobacco business. I have enjoyed several of her blends over the years. Just for everyone's information, here is the email in part. Hello My Dear Pipesmokers, The big...
  6. dcrguns

    New Ryan Alden

    Here is my new Alden. Just wanted to share it with you guys. He did a great job and is a great guy.
  7. dcrguns

    Birthday Pipe From My Boys!

    My birthday was yesterday and my two sons presented me with this new custom made pipe. It was made by our local pipe maker at Turkeyfoot Pipeworks (Billy Ray Tuinstra). It was presented in a custom box and has my business logo on the face of the pipe and my boys names and my birth date on the...
  8. dcrguns

    Axis Deer

    Just got my Axis deer mount back from the taxidermist. I got this one last year in Sonora, Tx on a Rockey Mountain Elk Foundation auction hunt. It is 31" with a 18" spread.
  9. dcrguns

    James Taylor (Not A New Carver)

    I saw James Taylor in concert last night in Albuquerque. What an amazing performer! Had a great time and will listen to more of his music while smoking my pipe. :puffy:
  10. dcrguns

    Il Ceppo Smooth Bent Apple

    Here is my new Il Ceppo smooth bent apple. It casts a great shadow! 8)
  11. dcrguns

    Rembering Grandad

    Remembering my grandfather today! He smoked SWR.
  12. dcrguns

    Getting Nephews Pipes and Tobacco

    Ok, here is the story. I went for a family trip to my brother in laws. He has three boys that are triplets, my nephews. They are just barely 18 and were out in the hot tub smoking cheap cigars. I think swisher sweets or the like. I was kind of surprised, but I got my MM Cob and some Three...
  13. dcrguns

    Nightcap Revisited

    I opened a tin of Nightcap in late November 13' and smoked a few bowls and was not impressed. It had a strange flavor, somewhat bitter. I closed the tin and decided to let it sit for a while. I got it out today and lit it up. What a difference. It is one of the best smokes I have ever had. I...
  14. dcrguns

    USPS Destroyed Shipment

    Just thought you guys might like to see what I got delivered from Pipes & Cigars yesterday. The USPS totally destroyed my shipment. Tobacco was everywhere and the pipe I ordered was missing. They did make sure and bag up what was left of the box and the remaining contents. They also put a...
  15. dcrguns

    Short Smoke?

    What do you consider a short smoke? What pipe and size do you use. How do you pack it? Sometimes I take a short smoke of 15-20 min. I generally use a cob but I do also use a dunhill size 3 shell or my dunhill size 3 county. It is generally a loose packed ribbon cut like Q1 or Norway Pipe cut...
  16. dcrguns

    Official Member

    Just posted my 100th post and have been on since August. I am now an official "member"! Wahoo! You have all been a great help and thank you for the many lessons even if you don't know it.
  17. dcrguns

    Askwith Morta Dublin Mastodon Ivory

    Just got this pipe in and wanted to share. It is a great smoking pipe from Askwith. It is Morta and has Mastodon Ivory made into it. First smoke was Sutliff Balkin Luxury Blend. It tasted great and smoked to the bottom. Just wonder how OLD this pipe really is?
  18. dcrguns

    Pleasantly Suprised Amadeus Akropolis

    I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when my TAD order from Pipes and Cigars came in. I ordered several tins of Hearth & Home tobacco on the "buy 3 get one free" deal. I added this pipe to the order as it was 15% off and liked the looks and wanted to try one out. It came in and I loaded...
  19. dcrguns

    Tim West on Briarbid

    I just listed this Tim West on Briarbid if anyone is interested. It is very nice pipe but not my style.
  20. dcrguns

    First smoke Peterson System

    This is my first smoke in this new Peterson System Ebony "306" fishtail. I smoked PS Cherry Bon Bon. I really like the pipe and tobacco. It smoked smooth and cool. It did get some "gurgle" though. I am sure the tobacco was too moist but it worked like a charm. I really like the "Oom Paul" or...