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  1. joshwolftree

    Cleanest Pipe Ever, or Horrible Ghosting?

    I'll find out in a few days, I suppose. While out at the campsite, while preforming a particularly harrowing maneuver in a golf cart I managed to bite down on the stem of one of my cobs hard enough to cause a crack in the side. Since it's one of my favorite campsite smokers, I decided to let it...
  2. joshwolftree

    At Least They Left Me My Pipes

    So someone broke into my apt while I was at work. Got most of my instruments, both of my rifles,two small desktop humidors and some assorted cigars, my travel case for cigars, and they emptied out my wine rack. They did however leave me my liquor cabinet, my pipes, my pipe baccy(since my humidor...
  3. joshwolftree

    What a Week

    hey all sorry I haven't been my usual chatty self...the world has been smacking me around. My sister just moved back in with my folks, bringing her toddler and infant daughters with her. My loathed brother in law is soon to be my loathed ex brother, in law after deciding that using a gun as a...
  4. joshwolftree

    Clay Cleaning Question

    So the clays are in the oven on self cleaning cycle. Is there any further steps or do I just let em cook?
  5. joshwolftree

    What to Do?

    I'm off tomorrow which means baccy burnin most of the day. I just have to decide what to sample. I've got a few new blends to try from hearth and home and will be selecting one random tin when I wake up to smoke for the day(assuming I can stand it). The question is which me...
  6. joshwolftree

    H&H Grandma's Kitchen

    I just got a goodly selection of H&H tobaccos to try out, thanks to P&C's Dunhill deal o the month. The ones I decided to get for samples I got two tins each. Today I decided to crack a tin of Grandmas Kitchen. The tin description reads: Nutty Burleys combine with spicy Red Virginia, Black...
  7. joshwolftree

    P&C April Order Is Here-Pic Heavy

    Okay so I got my order from P&C just before noon today. I just want you all to know the amount of self control required to take pictures before lighting up was incredible. But for y'all I tried :D So The UPS guy showed up with this huge box The cats were very interested in it. I don't think...
  8. joshwolftree

    Is it Tuesday Yet?

    I'm excited now, I just ordered my first >$100 dollar pipe. Pipes and Cigars 20 tin deal was just to much to forget and I've been saving since roughly Christmas to order my first Dunhill. The order went in at roughly 2:15am April 1st. and I had enough to tack on the next day before noon...
  9. joshwolftree


    Being just a gray hair or two over thirty, I tend to get some strange looks when I pull out a pipe instead of cigarettes on my breaks at work. Occasionally I'll get the "that smells good". I've been smoking sugar barrel,1Q, and Trout stream, the last two sometimes alone, but usually lately the...
  10. joshwolftree


    So I overslept do to fighting neighbors keeping me up. I pulled into the parking lot at work with 2 minutes to spare. I'm pulling a hair tie into my hair to make up for the fact that I didn't have time to comb it, when my manager hits me on the interoffice instant message system to call me to...
  11. joshwolftree

    (Explative Deleted) Delivery Times

    Does anyone else get antsy knowing a fresh shipment of delicious leaves got to the house while they were at work? There are certain advantages to late shifts. I have the daytime to get what I need to get accomplished, I get a modest differential for the shift, I work ten hour days so I only have...
  12. joshwolftree

    Anti Statement or Kitchy Gimmick Pipe

    I was rolling through ebay when I cam across this revolver pipe. I cant help but wonder if it's supposed to be a statement on how smoking is slowly killing yourself or just a gimmicky pipe
  13. joshwolftree

    Suprised at Smoking Head in Charlestown, WV

    I was on my way to my parents house yesterday to help move a few heavy objects, when much to my chagrin, my new oom paul began to give me a gurgle. I reached into my pipe pouch and realized I forgot pipe cleaners,again. Now there's charlie browns, and charlie browns too, which are combination...
  14. joshwolftree

    Old Morris?

    So I won a fleebay auction for an oompaul on the cheap. I've gotten her cleaned up and she smoke's great, well worth the money I put in (less than forty dollars). And I know I know ...PICTURES... unfortunatly I'm at work right now and can't post pictures(will post when I'm home later). But I...
  15. joshwolftree

    Really Resiliant Ghost Causing Major Issues

    So I picked up a small fruit wood pipe on E-bay for a coupla bucks after shipping. I thought the bowl size would be perfect for work breaks. I went through my standard ream to bare wood, lodge a rum soaked cleaner in the stem clean up, unfortunately the stem is also wood and fixed permanently...
  16. joshwolftree

    Something to Consider Over a Pipe

    I was checking the forecast over on and this article caught my attention,Would you tell them?, It's the ten year anniversary of the Shuttle Columbia disaster. It's a hypothetical question, as NASA thought the heat shielding was fine. But it raises and interesting question. In ground...
  17. joshwolftree

    Impatience and aged tobacco

    I am not well known for being patient. I've finally got some tobacco back for aging on my canned goods shelf. But I'm still impatient. That being said I'll finally be trying my first aged tobacco! I just won the e-bay auction for a sealed 50g tin of James B Russell Inc, Monarch, from...
  18. joshwolftree

    Random Thought Today

    Okay bear with me, this leads to tobacco I promise. I remember reading somewhere a few years back that a study was done of carjackings in DC. They determined that vehicles from three certain states were less likely to be carjacked than others. Some number cruncher or other looked at it and in...
  19. joshwolftree

    Just a Little Dissapointed

    So a friend I haven't seen in a while stopped by the other day and we exchanged Christmas gifts. They had picked up a tin of Dunhill Nightcap for me. Well, I had heard so much about this blend I really wanted to try it and had planned on picking up a tin with my next order. Opening the tin I...
  20. joshwolftree

    Going to be a Good Night

    My girlfriend is back at her house. Tomorrow is my first day off in almost two weeks with the apt to myself. She doesn't mind the headier room notes since she's a nail and hooka smoker, but I do tend to keep on the more Aro Side of my tobacco supplies when she's there. She appreciates a nice...