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    FT - Various Blends (Tilbury, Margate, Stockton, ABF, etc…) 8/04/21

    Hi, interested in the margate. Been a while since I have used the forum. Do we exchange numbers and work out a deal? Let me know if it is still available :) enjoy your weekend!
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    Is Pipe Smoking a "Masculine" Thing?

    Yes, and that is completely OK. Just as it is OK to be a *insert group here*, it is also OK to be a red blooded "cisgenedered" male. And pipe smoking is most embraced by that particular demographic. Without any question. Of course we welcome any who would share our hobby, but generally speaking...
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    Hello from British Columbia, Canada

    Welcome and enjoy!
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    No More Artistic Cigar Labels (Canada)

    I am an Ex pat Canadian. I weep for that sorry, once great, country. Nothing makes me happier than the reality that my life as unfolded in such a way as to get me out of that place. Often tone is lost in quick text messages, to be clear, my tone here is sad, and at the same time thankful that I...
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    Really Pleased with My Free Pipe from P&C

    Smoked my first bowl in this fellow and it was great! Had some Early Morning Pipe (which is in my regular rotation) and it behaved exactly as expected. Lovely little smoker! Very pleased with the whole experience! I wish the same good fortune to all those who gave/give the promotion a try! Have...
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    My Favorite Pipe

    Sad News... my condolences. Fix it up with a band perhaps? Might give the pipe even more sentimental value in the long run!
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    Really Pleased with My Free Pipe from P&C

    HI, I put in an order that qualified for the free pipe promotion on P&C. I am extremely happy with it! I didn't have high hopes and I normally get my tobacco from another online source, but they didn't have a blend I was searching for in stock so I went with P&C. The pipe is a Royal Dutch (I am...
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    Finally Made A Pipe Rack

    Good work
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    First try of Penzance, what drink to pair with it?

    Was a very pleasant experience overall. My politeness got me hijacked into a conversation, well actually listening to a monologue would be more accurate, but I enjoyed the bowl nonetheless. (had a glass of water with it), it is certainly a nice tobacco. I can see how people clamor for it. I...
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    First try of Penzance, what drink to pair with it?

    City of Montreal Canada, I am a tourist, so can't name the district, but the place is called Stogies and is on the corner of Masoneuve and Crescent. It has this guy looking down upon it... (accept my apologies I tried to post a picture of the giant mural of Leonard Cohen on the building...
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    First try of Penzance, what drink to pair with it?

    Thank you Gentlemen, just arrived and going to take a bit of everyone's advice. Water with the bowl , order the port, and then get to trying the local beer with subsequent bowls of different stuff. Genuinely excited...:) have a great day all!
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    First try of Penzance, what drink to pair with it?

    Pretty excited. Trying this blend for the first time. Want to make something special out of it. I am in the city of Montreal Canada for work, and am headed to a smoking lounge that serves alcohol. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!
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    How Old Is Everyone

    45 here...
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    Hello from Nova Scoita, Canada

    Hey Buddy! Welcome! I am originally from Shelburne NS (haven't lived in NS for 25 years though...) Great to see you on here. What part of the province are you from? Tough place to start the hobby but it is worth it! Enjoy!
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    Peterson Meerschaum, are they pressed or block?

    Thank you gentlemen.
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    Peterson Meerschaum, are they pressed or block?

    Looking to determine if these pipes are made from block meerschaum or the lower grade pressed stuff. Does anyone have a definite answer?
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    New member and pipes.

    Welcome, you might try Peterson's Deluxe Mixture. I enjoyed the tin I had and it might be a good place to start. Easy smoking and quite tasty.
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    best bad day ever

    good on you bro. hope it works out that the new place you work with gives you an even better deal than your last gig.
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    I might not be on for awhile

    My condolences to you friend. This sort of loss is terrible. May you find the best way to honor and celebrate your loved one as you grieve. Stacen