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  1. spartacus

    WTB Nut Cracker Flake 8/21/21

    I'm in search of some Levin Nut Cracker Flake if anyone has some they would part with please PM me.
  2. spartacus

    Tobacco Sales Back on eBay

    I have seen a lot more tobacco tins on sale and being sold on eBay lately. I have been tracking some of the unicorn blends and they seem to be making it through the final sale. The prices are a lot higher than they were when eBay started enforcing the No Tobacco Sale rule. Maybe they do not...
  3. spartacus

    Rusted Can - Still Good to Smoke?

    Opened some Sutliff tins from 2013/2014. Bottoms are rusted. Tobacco is a little dry but smells good. Any issues health or otherwise smoking these?
  4. spartacus

    Need a Gift Idea

    I have a friend who was a big cigar smoker. I turned him on to pipes and he now loves them. He has since got his son into pipes as well. His son is currently serving as a submariner in the US Navy. His son is a WWII buff. Looking for birthday gift ideas that tie pipes and WWII together. Any...
  5. spartacus

    Cellar Ratio Comparison

    I'm curious how everyone's cellar is stocked. I did a quick count and I was surprised to find I had less aromatics than I thought. Using general classifications mine is: English/Balkan 50% VA/PER 40% Aromatics 10% I thought I smoked and cellared more aromatics than that.
  6. spartacus

    Really Good Virginia in Bulk

    I really like Capstan, SG FVF, F&T Golden Mixture. I'm looking to find a really good straight virginia in bulk. I am told Mac Baren HH Pure Virginia is the best out there for bulk. What you think?
  7. spartacus

    FIrst bowl in the morning

    I smoke about 21/25 bowls a week. Less on weekdays and more on weekends. Is it just me or does the first bowl in the morning always seem to taste the best. Most of the flavors are accentuated and seems to taste better than the same tobacco smoked at the end of the day. Maybe those that smoke...
  8. spartacus

    London Tobacconist

    If I only had time to stop at one London B&M for tobacco which one should I go to. I'll be at the Paddington Hilton for one night.
  9. spartacus

    Tabac Manil Semois - Storage

    I have a great affinity for these tobaccos after trying it a little while ago. As you know it comes in gold foil bricks that are not sealed in any way and just wrapped in paper. I now have a little over 5 lbs to add to my cellar. I can not imagine it could get any drier than it is now. How do...
  10. spartacus

    Anybody else having trouble accessing the reviews or is it just me?
  11. spartacus

    Athens Greece

    I'm heading to Athens and Mykonos next month. Anyone know of some pipe/tobacco shops worth a visit while I'm there.
  12. spartacus

    Seattle Pipe Club SALE

    P&C has a but 2 get one free right now. Cellered some PPSR.
  13. spartacus

    Balkan Sobranie

    Balkan Sobranie is in at P&C
  14. spartacus


    Being new to pipe smoking I have been trying as many blends as possible. I have even bought no longer produced stuff to see what it's like. I see all over eBay what I consider high prices for Esoterica. Is this no longer in production or just not available right now? Is the taste and quality so...
  15. spartacus

    Ireland and Peterson

    I have a good friend heading home to Ireland for Christmas. Does anybody know if they sale Peterson's cheaper in Ireland? Are there any tobaccos for sale there that we can't get here?
  16. spartacus

    Dunhill Nightcap Knockout

    When I first started smoking a pipe (which wasn't long ago) I was all about aromatics. Lately my taste has changed and I am really liking some Latakia blends. When I get a craving for a bowl it's a Latakia blend that I crave. I still like aromatics but now I seem to always throw a bowl of Balkan...
  17. spartacus

    Pipe Store Locator Makeover

    Who would we contact to help update the Pipe Store Locator tab on the website. Most the ones in AZ are gone. A few new ones have popped up but only two stores are currently accurate.
  18. spartacus

    Does also have a print magazine? If so, how can I order it?
  19. spartacus

    Frog Morton

    Being new to pipes I started as an aromatic guy and figured I would always be that way. I really enjoy some of them and have a few favorites. I acquired some Frog Morton when I bought some pipes that were for sale locally. He had a box of jarred tobacco and I gave him $100 for it. It had some...
  20. spartacus

    What would you choose?

    For my drive home I have the choice of three tins I have never tried. What would you smoke for the drive home?