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  1. cobguy

    Dropping in to Say Hello

    Hey gang ... it's been awhile! I just wanted to say hello to my old friends and see what's been going on. About 2 years back, I moved and changed jobs and have been running ever since. Hope you've all been well and keeping the ember side up! :D ~Darin
  2. cobguy

    MM Devil Anse Cobs

    Another winner from Missouri Meerschaum! :clap: Anyone else grab one of these yet?
  3. cobguy

    Laser Vs. Rust - I Need One of These! I guess these don't embed anymore so just click the link for a short video. :-)
  4. cobguy

    Gave My Notice Today

    After almost six years at my current job, I gave my notice today. Another hospital nearby has made me an offer to be their Blood Bank Supervisor in charge of policies and procedures for all Transfusion Services. This is a nice step-up for me and comes with a healthy raise and sign-on bonus...
  5. cobguy

    How Many Forum Members Does It Take ...

    A little humor to start the weekend. :-) How many forum users does it take to change a lightbulb? 1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed 14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently 7...
  6. cobguy

    Semois ... Done Right

    This last week, I spent some quality time with Jitterbugdude's home-grown Semois. The smell of the leaf was spot-on, the cut was perfect and the flavor was amazing. The only way I would have guessed that this was not from Tabac Manil was that this was ... better! The nutty / floral flavor was...
  7. cobguy

    A Friend Made a Movie!

    Mark Baugher and his wife, Marcia, live here in Arizona and Marcia works with me at the hospital. After a TON of work and time spent, they have completed and released a movie. It's a Western and was filmed right here in AZ in our own "back yard". The actors are all local and Mark takes a...
  8. cobguy

    Mystery Peterson Pipe

    On a random whim, while waiting for my wife to get ready, I searched the local craigslist and came across a pipe that had only been posted for about 15 minutes. Described as "from the 50's and having a silver band", I was intrigued. The markings included "Made in the Republic of Ireland" and...
  9. cobguy

    Added Another Sea Rock to the Mix

    This one is a #19 Sea Rock KKK ... practically unsmoked:
  10. cobguy

    I Love the Smell of Hoppe's in the Morning

    I know I'm not alone in this ... I've always loved that Hoppe's #9 smell. Well, guess what? They make air fresheners and candles with that scent!
  11. cobguy

    H&H Drawing Room

    First and foremost, I must thank Scrooge (I know, right? :-) ) for this very ample sample! The Latakia is rich, delicious and there's plenty of it while the Virginia is sweet and supportive without ever taking the lead. Perique is listed as well but it's a minor player and is not at all...
  12. cobguy

    Very Old Cob with Long Cane Stem

    My wife was out hitting some second hand shops and ran into a possible treasure. It appears to be a VERY old (late 1880's?) MacArthur shaped bowl with a huge, 24 inch long, cane stem. The shop is closed today but I will be there when they open tomorrow to see if it's worth grabbing! Any info on...
  13. cobguy

    Castello Sea Rock 32 KKK

    The newest member of the herd ... I've been wanting a Castello for awhile now and this was a great deal!
  14. cobguy

    Hand Rolled Cigars

    Hey gang! I finally got around to rolling up some stogies using the kit. Turns out, it's not that difficult and they taste great! Right out of the gate they are already a good $5-7 cigar, taste-wise. Here's a pic of the first batch of assorted vitolas:
  15. cobguy

    Fun with Whole Leaf Tobacco

    So, I took the plunge and ordered several pounds of whole leaf tobacco: It was a lot of fun prepping it for ropes / twists: The Dark Fired leaves were my favorite and served as the wrapper for the twists: After twisting up most of it, I saved the rest for future custom blends and smoking...
  16. cobguy

    No Limit Hold'em Apps

    I've been playing on "Live Hold'em Pro", was also called "Dragonplay" I believe, for quite awhile now. Anyone else use these apps? What's your screen name? (mine's "Pickle Man") I've tried others but this one feels the most realistic compared to actual table play at the casinos.
  17. cobguy

    Swing Low, Sweet Waccamaw

    So, today I popped open a jar of 2012 Low Country Waccamaw. The tobacco was still quite moist and just covered in plume. Stewed fruit and a spicy, almost "hop" smell permeated my nose. The broken flake rubbed out easily and dried within 20 minutes. For the first bowl, I loaded up a Meerschaum...
  18. cobguy

    Caption Contest Pipe Arrived!

    The 2nd place award was a Rossi Napoli 601 ... thanks PipesMagazine, SmokingPipes and Savinelli!! :puffy: Here it is with my Rossi Rubino Canadian: .
  19. cobguy

    Spectre is Now a Pipe Tobacco Too!

    As the PM forum's official Spectre Cigar "pusher", :wink: I bring you the following PSO: The much loved, Latakia-laced cigar has been reincarnated as a pipe tobacco blend! It's still on pre-order status but, once released, has a buy 2 get 1 offer. Also, there will be a free Tin with purchase...
  20. cobguy

    Rincon de la Pipa #1

    This blend was brought to my attention once or twice over the last year but I never got around to trying it. Luckily, thanks to a trade with Toby67, I have been able to give the blend a try ... glad I did! :puffy: I consider this blend to be a Balkan by my tastes. Burley is there and forms...