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    Your First Year Smoking

    I'm interested to hear what your experiences are in your first year of smoking. As I approach my first year, I haven't gotten to smoke as much as I wanted to just due to other responsibilities so this next year I want to learn how to make it a much more natural part of my routine with reading...
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    Peretti D-9507 First Smoke

    I broke open my jar of D-9507 that I got in a big order from Peretti. I was picking up their 150th, Thanksgiving blend, and No. 8 slices in bulk and figured I would grab a few other samples to try. D-9507 is the first I tried in this list. As a relatively new pipe smoker (15 bowls), I am still...
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    A New Member Approaches

    Hello All! I figured that since I was in and out of the many insightful forum posts for the past few months that I would finally join myself! I am from Ohio and had my first smoke in college in 2015 just before graduating. I ended up getting a few more things and just didn't keep up with it...