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  1. mkelaw

    Four More Beauties from Eltang, Barbi, S.Bang and Lobnik 9/12/21

    Four more truly exceptional pieces posted today. Just click see more photos and all the details. Thanks for looking, Dave
  2. mkelaw

    Dunhill, Corallo, Il Ceppo, S&R and the latest from Dave Neeb just posted 9/5/21

    Hi Everyone: "Da Boss" has been cracking the whip recently, so my time to prepare and post fresh offerings has been limited. (Also, a guy has to play a little golf from time to time). But hopefully, you'll find the wait worth the while when you check out today's offerings. Here they are...
  3. mkelaw

    Four more nice estates from 8/24/21

    Ashton Oldchurch, two Upshalls and a nice Don Carlo, all fully restored and cleaned. Just posted on the website. See them all by clicking HERE. Remember, the site is searchable by brand or newly posted. Dave
  4. mkelaw - Ashton Oldchurch and Pebble Grain, Ferndown Bark and Radice Rind 8/21/21

    Hi All: Four more quality estates posted today. As always, they will be delivered fully cleaned and ready to smoke Here they are: Lots more photos on the website. See them all by clicking HERE. Dave
  5. mkelaw

    Fresh pipes from Dunhill, Sasieni and Heeschen 8/5/21

    Hi Everyone: What could be better? - a Dunhill Cherrywood, Sasieni Four Dot "Danzey" and two remarkable pieces by the great Danish maker, Peter Heeschen. You can see them all by clicking HERE. P.S. I'm in need of high quality estates. If you're thinking of thinning the herd, please...
  6. mkelaw - Just listed: Dunhill DRR, Todd Johnson, Two Dunhill Shells 7/25/21

    Hi Everyone: Just finished posting the above. Please stop by and take a look by clicking HERE.
  7. mkelaw

    Dunhills and Pre-Transition Barling's Just posted at 7/19/21

    Hi Everyone: I just put up three classic English pipes, a Dunhill Root HU, Dunhill Tanshell 475 Cherrywood and a lovely Pre-Trans Barling's Fossil Canadian. Hope you'll stop by to take a look at MKELAW-PIPES.
  8. mkelaw

    J.T. Cooke - Large Bent 7/6/21

    Pricing high grade estates can be a bit of a crap-shoot and apparently I erred on the high side on this one so I've reduced it. It's a very large Cooke blast styled after the Dunhill 120 shape. It's in pristine condition and worth a look. To go directly to it click HERE. Happy Smoking, Dave
  9. mkelaw

    Fresh Estates at - (Link to site fixed) 7/5/21)

    Hi Everyone: In the last few days I've posted some very nice and interesting estates. The include a Castello 55, Will Purdy, Tinsky Pristine Five Star, Colin Rigsby, Boswell and Ron Powell, several of which are unsmoked. You can see them all by clicking HERE. Dave
  10. mkelaw

    Fresh Estates at 7/5/21

    Hi Everyone: In the last few days I've posted some very nice and interesting estates. The include a Castello 55, Will Purdy, Tinsky Pristine Five Star, Colin Rigsby, Boswell and Ron Powell, several of which are unsmoked. You can see them all by clicking HERE. Dave
  11. mkelaw

    More Fresh Estates from Mkelaw-Pipes.Com 6/14/21

    Hi Everyone: I'm still in a "Catching up from being behind mode" so here are five more nice estates that were just posted on the website. The include two Dunhill Shell Patents, a Randy Wiley and a couple of nice Ser Jacopos. To see them all, just cllick HERE.
  12. mkelaw

    Fresh Estates from 6/13/21

    Hi Everyone: Our annual migration to Oregon from Florida is complete and I've found time to post about 10 nice estates in the last few days - Dunhills, (Bruyere LB and Shell), GBDs, Savinelli, Rich Lewis, Rinaldo, S&R and Ardor. I hope you'll stop by and check them out. Remember, the site is...
  13. mkelaw

    Fresh Estates from 5/22/21

    Hi Everyone: I just finished putting four very desirable estates on the website. They include a Dunhill Tanshell Shape 120, a patent era Dunhill ODA 839 (Squat Bent Bull), an unsmoked Steve Morrisette piece and a very cool Gamboni. You can check them all out by clicking HERE.
  14. mkelaw Special Pipe Alert 5/3/21

    Hi Everyone: I just posted a pipe of special interest, a gorgeous 1980 Dunhill DR***. You can go directly to it by clicking HERE. There are also several fresh pipes from yours truly. Enjoy, Dave
  15. mkelaw

    Fresh Estates at Mkelaw-Pipes 5/2/21

    Hi Everyone: I just finished putting four pipes of interest on the website. First among them is a Group 6 Dunhill Ring Grain with heavy gold band. Really quite spectacular. Then, there's a 2000 Ashton Quaint 8 panel, also with a great blast. Finally, you'll find a pair of Castellos, a...
  16. mkelaw

    Fresh Estates from Mkelaw Pipes - Ivarsson, Cooke, Matzhold and more

    Hi Everyone: First, I've had some website issues that should be fixed now. Please let me know with a PM if you've had any problems using the site. More importantly, I just finished posting some really special pipes from Sixten Ivarsson, J.T. Cooke, Peter Matzhold and other less pricey...
  17. mkelaw

    Fresh Estates from Mkelaw-pipes 3/31/21

    Hi Everyone: I just finished posting a nice group of estates. They include pipes from Rad Davis, Dirk Claessen, Eric Stokkebye, Astley's, Gabrieli (Dan Chlebove), Talamona and four large Savinelli Autographs. See them all HERE. Also, I need to "feed the beast." If you have quality pipes...
  18. mkelaw

    Help Please!

    Any help in identifying the maker of this pipe would be appreciated. Thanks. Dave
  19. mkelaw

    Fresh Estates at 3/17/21

    Hi Everyone: There are about a dozen fresh estates posted in the last couple of days. They include three Tsuges (one an unsmoked Ikebana), a Preben Holm Crown, four pipes by Nils Thomsen, a couple of unsmoked S&Rs and a nice, older Caminetto Business. You can click HERE to see them. For the...
  20. mkelaw

    Fresh Pipes from - 3/11/21

    Hi Everyone: Well, our annual migration between Oregon and Florida is done (a couple of months late because of Covid) and my whole inventory came through the trip with flying colors. So here's what's new on the website: Two magnificent Larry Roush pieces from the early 2000's A gorgeous...