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  1. Old School 3319

    3 Weeks And Counting

    So I have not had a pipe in three weeks. I smoked 10 plus bowls a day but I have been sick since last fall. I have been to a couple of different dr's. After a battery of test they swore it was my gallbladder. but nope liver and gallbladder are good to go. No they "think" its COPD. I have one...
  2. Old School 3319

    Why Does The Last Day At Work Before Vacation Suck So Bad

    I start a week of vacation this afternoon and the day just drags on, I feel like a kid agin waiting on the bell on the last day of school
  3. Old School 3319

    Don’t Leave Your Cobs Laying Around

    Left my legend laying on the table my daughter decided while she was painting a picture that dads pipe would look cool. I haven’t seen the pipe in a few weeks. Today she brought it to me and said surprise!!
  4. Old School 3319

    Do You Carry Anything For Luck?

    I carry a buckeye that has been handed down for 3 generations. It is in my left pocket every day. I was curious if anyone else carries anything
  5. Old School 3319

    My Grabow Family

    My family just keeps growing
  6. Old School 3319

    Need A New Chair

    So after supper I come in to my man cave / smoke room to relax and my dog is in my chair and has no intention of moving
  7. Old School 3319

    Do You Drive for Tobacco

    I keeping seeing post about states that you can not buy "Flavored Tobacco". In the smaller states do you guys drive to a different state? I live in Illinois and Missouri is only 70 miles away and tobacco is half the cost. My wife smokes cigarettes so we travel there every couple of months and...
  8. Old School 3319

    BROBS Was Right

    Velvet got a tub today and for some reason I expected some goopy cherry flavor OTC. So I loaded a bowl expecting some cherry. I was shocked it is smooth and pleasant having my second bowl now
  9. Old School 3319

    Birthday Surprise

    I normally don’t do much on my birthday but you can’t be a grouchy old bastard all the time. Ups guy just dropped a box off and wife said happy birthday God Bless that woman Lol
  10. Old School 3319

    Canadian Style Pro And Con

    Just a general question kinda like the shape curios of people’s opinion on them
  11. Old School 3319

    Wife Asked Me to Cook

    Wanted me to grill so I am outside with the dogs cold beer and and good pipe
  12. Old School 3319

    RIP Rush Limbaugh

    Love him or hate him a radio great died today
  13. Old School 3319

    My First Tin

    Well I have finally experience "Real Tobacco" lol. My wife bought me a tin of Blood Red Moon for valentines day. I have never had a tobacco from a tin. Being the cheap bastard that I am I smoke OTC and bulk blends, and very little aro's. The experience was pleasant it was a long smoke. I am...
  14. Old School 3319

    Back At A Slower Pace

    Just spent three days in the hospital where the swore I had COVID. Three brain picks later I just have a severe case of pneumonia and possibly the begins of COPD
  15. Old School 3319

    End Table Pipe Stand

    holds a few pipes nicely
  16. Old School 3319

    In The Freezer?

    Has anyone tried to freeze pipe tobacco. My wife keeps her cigarettes in the freezer, I used to keep my chew in the fridge. just curious how pipe tobacco would store in the freezer
  17. Old School 3319

    Can We Have A Cosmic Meme ?

    I do not have a clue how to make those things but they are funny and i cant think of a better guy
  18. Old School 3319

    First Tin

    I have only smokes otc and bag blends. My wife bought me a tin of Blood Red Moon. My question is how long does this need to age before I can smoke it. I dont want to hurt her feeling and not smoke it on Valentines Day. I have read about how it gets better with age
  19. Old School 3319

    An Orgy In A Bag.......

    So I recieved a large order from P & C yesterday. Being the cheap bastard old codger that I am I purchased a bag of Rest of the Best. I was a little skeptical about it but the smell was such a mixture of so many thing i cant even give a description. I lite a bowl and was impressed with how...
  20. Old School 3319

    Sugar Barrel Match

    Has anyone smoke the original. I enjoy the match blend but was curious