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  1. orthodoxpiper

    Having My First Kid - It's a Boy!

    Already looking forward to the day I can share this hobby of ours with him. Tell me fun stories of raising your sons!
  2. orthodoxpiper

    Blend Similar to Presbyterian Mixture With a Touch More Latakia?

    I finally got around to trying PM last night. Normally I'm allergic to Latakia, so I've been putting it off, but wow! It was an amazing smoke! Floral, spicy, sour, smoky. I wasn't expecting it to be so good. To my greater surprise, I was actually wishing there was just a tiny bit more latakia in...
  3. orthodoxpiper

    No Fuss Blend - No Bite, Decent Flavor, Medium Nic, Nice Room Note...What Do You Recommend?

    I've got a weekly meeting with a friend who only smokes during this one time a week, and he puffs like a chimney, even if I warn him that slowing down might be helpful. I don't think he's particularly interested in pipe smoking as a real hobby, and when we're talking I can't focus too much on...
  4. orthodoxpiper

    Anybody Else Chew Their Tobacco Occasionally? Solani 656 Kicked My Butt...

    Once in a while, especially in the colder months when going outside for a pipe doesn't sound so appealing, I'll take a bit of rope or plug, lop off a piece and chew it to get a dose of Vitamin N. As of late, I've been doing this with G&H Brown Bogie Twist, because I like a good kick in the pants...
  5. orthodoxpiper

    30th Birthday Haul. You Guys Decide What I Smoke First/What Gets Cellared!

    All of these are new to me. I decided to celebrate 12 years of pipe smoking by picking up some classic tobaccos that I just haven't gotten around to smoking yet, and a few sleepers that have always intrigued me. I used to smoke 80%+ McClelland, so obviously I need to start branching out. Only...
  6. orthodoxpiper

    Found Some Mason Jars That Claim to Block 99% of UV Light. Worth the Extra Cost?

    I've read that you should keep your tobacco out of the light, but I usually can't eliminate this entirely, especially with blends I'm dipping into regularly. Do you think it'd be worth the extra few bucks for these amber colored jars that block out UV light?
  7. orthodoxpiper

    I love the strong cedar flavor in many cigars...can you find it in pipe tobacco?

    I like cigars, but I've found I really only love the ones that are cedar bombs. I don't think I've ever read a pipe tobacco review where cedar was a primary flavor. The only real reason I keep turning to cigars is to get that cedar taste, but if I could find something similar in a pipe, I'd save...
  8. orthodoxpiper

    A Latakia Blend for Latakia Haters?

    I've sworn off Latakia blends due to my general disdain of the leaf, but I want to keep an open mind and try some again. I was thinking of easing my way in with Presbyterian, but I don't know where to go after that. I'm looking for recommendations for Light -> Medium -> Heavy. Something you feel...
  9. orthodoxpiper

    Trends in the online community

    I started smoking a pipe back in 2007 (you could still easily find Penzance!) and I've been involved off and on in the forums over the years. I used to post here under a different name, but I can't remember what it was anymore. I took a few years off piping to break my nic habit (formed through...