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  1. tkcolo

    Unfortunate Christian & Surnames.

    Asswipe Johnson
  2. tkcolo

    Unfortunate Christian & Surnames.

    I had a boss who's name was Richard Weed, and he overly sensitive about common nicknames. IT'S PRONOUNCED "Ahs weep A"!
  3. tkcolo

    I Think I was Hosed

    Just call the owner. Maybe he will make it right, or send you something better.
  4. tkcolo

    If You Had to Choose Only One Tobacco

    Solani ABF, but I've been smoking haunted bookshop all winter
  5. tkcolo

    To Falcon or Not To Falcon

    I have five, and I can't stand them all of them. So weird, and it totally changes the taste to me. Maybe because mine were garage sale pipes, and someone smoked crappy tobaccy. I've tried everything to clean them, but they just make everything taste weird to me. And those stems are terrible to...
  6. tkcolo

    On the Hunt for the Strongest Nicotine

    Out of all the blends I have, HH Rustica is the strongest to me. I have a super high N tolerance, and I just about can't smoke Rustica. I love the taste, but I'll end up with my head on my desk after every bowl. Nothing else is even close to me (HB, Big Burley, OJK, CD Burley flakes, etc.) I...
  7. tkcolo

    Homegrown Burley

    I can't even grow tomatoes. Our growing season is technically 7 days long. CONGRATS That is awesome!
  8. tkcolo

    Guinness Draft

    I love Guinness from a real nitrogen tap, but the cans are only okay to me. I'd love to pair one with a pipe, but finding a bar with Guiness that will let you smoke tobacco is a unicorn in Colorado. Maybe I can disguise a pipe in a bong, then it would be celebrated.
  9. tkcolo

    Morgan Bones Pipes

    I am not a fan. I got an author from him with the bit impossibly twisted. He wouldn't take it back, or send a replacement stem. He doesn't even make them. I like unfinished pipes, but in general, I hate that short, chunky style. They are very affordable, and I understand the attraction. To each...
  10. tkcolo

    The Pipe Material You Smoke The Most

    Meerschaum. These days I smoke one pipe. It's too perfect.
  11. tkcolo

    Buying A New Pipe Need Your Opinion

    I like smaller, flake pipes. I bought a Tekin in a small apple clencher that is all I smoke any more. 3-5 bowls per day. I had to band the stem, because I thought it looked weak. I'd sell all of my other pipes(130-140 pipes), except a few sentimental favorites... Everyone is different. Shape and...
  12. tkcolo

    Savinelli Series III: Rustication and Dye

  13. tkcolo

    Missions to Mars: Are they Really Such a Good Thing?

    I personally am extremely excited about the Mars efforts. Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, and now Perseverance have all tightened the windows on autonomous landings and targeting. With 12-minute delay in the speed of light from Mars to Earth, we need improving autonomous technology...
  14. tkcolo

    What Is The Most Repellent Blend?

    I love HB! It takes me back to childhood and my checking out 4 hardy boys books every 3 days at the library. I LOVE the smell of old books. We didn't have tv or air-conditioning in TX, so I spent a lot of time reading. I love burley and nicotine.... Also, Prince Albert in a cob is the most...
  15. tkcolo

    What Is The Most Repellent Blend?

    wha :eek: :poop: :ROFLMAO:
  16. tkcolo

    Vulcanite vs Acrylic Stems.....Which do you Prefer?

    Hmm... That explains it. Thank you. Vulcanite feels much better in your teeth. Do you clench?
  17. tkcolo

    Vulcanite vs Acrylic Stems.....Which do you Prefer?

    I don't understand this. New and used, high quality and low quality, and of all ages. All my vulcanite stems have turned yellow. (I am a clencher) I have diligently wiped mine down with obsidian oil, every time. They are in a room with secondary sunlight, but no direct sunlight, ever. I can...
  18. tkcolo

    1st Estate Pipe Purchase Has a Demon of a Lakeland Ghost!

    I had 3 other older bulldogs that are pretty but foul. I tried everything. Including smoking 100 bowls through the prettiest trying to tough it out. Nothing ever changed. The experience actually stopped me from buying estate pipes altogether, unless I can hold it in my hands first and it passes...
  19. tkcolo

    A Self-Imposed Respite

    You can't hurry up the pipe goodness. If you don't have time, don't do it. There are some random popular blends most people love, that will bite me within 3 slow, tiny puffs. I can't remember what they are, but it has to be a personal chemical aversion.
  20. tkcolo

    1st Estate Pipe Purchase Has a Demon of a Lakeland Ghost!

    I've had some beautiful estate pipes that had some terrible demons in them, and they wouldn't respond to anything I did. Not lakelake though. Something else terrible. Like maybe a shut-in died and decomposed with it in this mouth. Or maybe the briar root grew out of the bones of a tyrannical...