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  1. kurtbob

    Comma’s Save Lives…..Or Do They?

    Stepped out of the shop to smoke a pipe and noticed the sign over the propane tanks. I said to myself, it’s missing a comma. That sign is stupid….of course you shouldn’t smoke propane! So, I fixed it! Then I thought, either way with or without a comma it could still kill you. I mean, is this...
  2. kurtbob

    Old Cobs, Still Smoking Them?

    I’ve got a few cobs that get smoked every day at work. Some are fairly new (couple months old). One in particular has managed to survive for 8 years! It’s strange that some or most of my MM cobs don’t make it past a few years but this workhorse just keeps on going with no difference in...
  3. kurtbob

    It Never Fails....

    It happens every damn time! I place an online order and BAM.....the next day is a sale🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. kurtbob

    SmokingPipes VIP Requirements Change?

    Not that it matters cause, I’m gonna spend what I’m gonna spend but.....I need to figure out if someone’s been slipping Ketamine in with my tobacco. Have been at silver VIP level for several years, the email I got for the order I just received on Saturday said silver. Was browsing on their...
  5. kurtbob

    Porch Chair Mods....Part Deux

    Awhile back, posted a thread about my “lazy guy chair” for the back porch by the fire. Well, I had also bought the wife the same tall chair. She kept setting cigs, lighter, beer, ash tray, cell phone etc on the arms and in one swoop clear it all off and onto the deck several times an hour. This...
  6. kurtbob

    Dr Grabow Westbrook Manufacture Date?

    Picked up this Grabow, had huge crack in it that I fixed. Anybody have any clue when this pipe may have been made? Thanks for any help in advance!
  7. kurtbob

    Trypis Cracked Stem Issue

    Morning all, my semi-new Phillip Trypis stem started to crack after a couple of months use. Appears to have cracked from the inside out due to pressure from pipe cleaners being inserted. The stem near the button is VERY thin. Any hope for repair or am I screwed and need a new stem made? If I...
  8. kurtbob

    Military Story Time

    Figured I would start a thread where all my sisters and brothers who are active duty/veterans from around the world can post stories and pics from their time in service. **** KEEP POLITICAL VIEWS OFF OF HERE**** Happy story telling!!!!
  9. kurtbob

    Recommendations On A Molasses Flavored Blend?

    Any suggestions on a molasses forward flavor? Love me some Granger, C&D Redburn (that one is rum forward) but the molasses is there. Just figured there would be a lot more? Any suggestions are welcome!
  10. kurtbob

    Anyone Else Have Working Dogs As House Pets?

    Love my Coondog to death but he comes with his own set of challenges. First of which, I respect is the fact that the please me just to please gene is missing, he’s a free thinker. Totally food and “chase” motivated. I’m pretty sure that I could get him to wash my truck for a piece of...
  11. kurtbob

    Am I Lazy?

    Made a few mods to my back porch by the fire chair. Now I don’t have to keep getting up to go in the house for another pipe and or tobacco, even added a light for night ops! I lazy or what?
  12. kurtbob

    The Great Sean Connery Dead at 90

    RIP, he was one of my hero’s
  13. kurtbob

    Can You Smoke Chewing Tobacco In A Pipe? (Yes)

    Have seen that question posted several times and had a little spare time to give the experiment a try. Truth be told, I have done this before sitting on a Fire Base in Iraq with nothing better to do. Through trial and many errors I have found this works best. The tobacco does require some...
  14. kurtbob

    SP Estate Sale Score

    SP had an estate pipe sale over the weekend. Scored this Phillip Trypis acorn following @mso489 recommendation of being a solid smoker for the price. Anybody else score in the PAD department?
  15. kurtbob

    First Brigham

    Been wearing out this new Brigham I got about 2 months ago with Bold Kentucky and Irish flake........super impressed with this pipe especially for the price point!
  16. kurtbob

    Granger Burn?

    Was wondering if anyone else had this issue? I have smoked hundreds of all kinds of blends over the years. Never experienced tongue bite, some tingle with certain blends but never bite. Bought a tub of Granger and popped it open. Loved the tin note and cut. Loaded a pipe and fired it up...
  17. kurtbob

    What Does Everyone Think Of My Balls ? (Fly Trap Balls)

    Every summer here in SE Georgia we get overrun with yellow flies. For those of you that are unfamiliar with them or their bastard cousins the deer fly, I would rather lock myself in a small room with billions of hungry mosquitos than just one yellow fly! Anyway, I make my own fly traps that seem...
  18. kurtbob

    Show Off your ATF here, Minus the A [guns]

    I know there are quite a few hunting/firearm buffs on here so I thought it would be kinda cool to show off your ATF’s Without the alcohol cause, we all know alcohol and firearms don’t mix! But tobacco and firearms is hard to beat! Heading to work with my daily carry and a pipe full of Prince Albert
  19. kurtbob

    Tobacco Saves The World.......Maybe??

    Interesting article I came across today! See, it’s not all bad news for leaf lovers British American Tobacco announces "significant breakthrough" in development of potential coronavirus vaccine -
  20. kurtbob

    New Ball Jar Lids

    Have been using these one piece Ball leak proof lids on my daily smoke jars for about two weeks. So far, very pleased with the seal and the one piece design! Anyone else tried these?