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    Carey Magic Inch

    I started my collection by buying every non-cracked pipe I saw in thrift stores, and ened up with 2 Magic Inches. Smoked them for a while before I knew that there was some kind of filter or something. Assumed the "magic" was all in the slits cut in the stem. Still haven't ever put one in, but I...
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    From Switzerland

    Welcome. I will be visiting Switzerland in September. I hope to buy tobacco I cannot get in the US. Is it expensive and hard to get, or is it easy to find?
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    The lady makes soap, and some customers who say words like "detox" request soap with activated charcoal. She gets hers from a soapmaker's supply called BrambleBerry. But says you can get the capsules at WalMart or any health food/ organic / co-op type store and open em up for small quantities.
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    Does Tobacco Smell Or Taste Better In Cooler Weather?

    I used to be a heavy cigarette smoker, and I absolutely noticed the first few really cold days dramatically changed the experience.
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    Chilllucky Crop 2019

    Good luck. I've been doing plants as my career for the last decade or so, either landscaping or gardening or veggie farming or restoring prairies, so this is definitely something I want to try. We just bought our house though, so the outside work is lower priority than the inside work for a...
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (February 2019)

    Gurkha Urban Legend in a Kaywoodie. Zulu shape I think. Maybe a bent dublin.
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    Do You Prefer A Collection of More Classical Or Unique Pipes?

    I like the classic ones for using, and the crazy ones for ogling. I don't mind some of the freehands pushing edges a little, that's healthy sport. But some of the more extreme examples are art pieces, like runway fashion clothes. I say "I'm glad I saw that" but I know I'd look a fool wearing...
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    What Do You Like To Drink When You Smoke Your Pipe?

    coffee is the best. I don't much love iced drinks while smoking, so tap water or basement-temp beers are good. There's always bourbon or scotch. I take the good stuff straight and mix the cheaper stuff with some mineral water, maybe add a dash of bitters. Very occasionally I'll make a...
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (February 2019)

    John Cotton #1 in a tiny little bent apple Litewate
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    When Was The Last Time You Bought A Blend That Was New To You?

    I have yet to get the same tobacco twice, but I just picked the hobby back up a couple months ago. Still a candy store to this kid.
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (February 2019)

    Just finished some Erinmore Flake in a Carey magic inch sandblast.
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    How Many Tobaccos in Your Rotation?

    ophiucus: fiiiive gooolden slices! I've just started smoking again so I'm shooting for a broad range, buying sampler packs and biting at discounts. My entire "cellar" is 10 2oz jars, plus a pound of HGL and 8 oz of Potlatch. I've got six tins in the mail of Seattle Pipe Club and Gurkha that...
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    I used to do a lot of OTC smoking some years ago, but once I found the more expensive stuff I basically stopped. I only smoked a bowl every couple days so the extra cost averaged out to only a buck or two a week. Now I'm smoking a couple bowls a day and starting to like bulks more than the...
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    Hello from IL

    3rdguy, I live in Freeport. Moved there about a year ago from northeast Iowa. Go through Galena pretty regularly visiting Iowa though.
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    Hello from IL

    I have heard about the Pipe Show, and may be able to make it. I'm about a half hour west of Rockford, but I did live for a decade in Chicago and have plenty of friends in town. May not be able to regularly make to Chicago, but a few times a year for special occasions is well within my reach...
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    Hello from IL

    Hey everyone. I've been lurking a few months as a reader but I thought it's time I joined the conversation. I started a pipe in '07 or so but put it down for some years. At the time I was mostly smoking Frog Morton blends. Imagine my dismay when I finally picked up the pipe again and found...