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  1. lochinvar

    Do You Have Rotations? Do You Rotate Your Rotations? A Rotating Rumination

    I have a very detailed rotation that takes into account the tobacco that pipe smokes best, chamber size, date last smoked, country of origin (pipe), country of origin (tobacco), the season, relative humidity and the moon phase. It works like a Rolex on steroids and is locked safely in the part...
  2. lochinvar

    Greetings from rhinestone city, AKA Nashville.

    Welcome from Gatlinburg. 15 happens to be about the time I started smoking pipes and cigars.
  3. lochinvar

    Did I just See a Peterson Christmas 2021?

    Grabbed a smooth Milverton, had to go back twice. Two were bought out of my cart before I could check out.
  4. lochinvar

    John Donne, Rest In Peace

    Each man's death diminishes me, For I am involved in mankind.
  5. lochinvar

    Hello from Tennessee

    Welcome from Gatlinburg!
  6. lochinvar

    McClellands Smyrna No. 1

    Smyrna and Drama were my two favorites of the Grand Oriental line. I usually smoke them in my flake pipes, deep and narrow. Enjoy
  7. lochinvar

    Hearty Hello's from New Zealand

    Welcome from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee
  8. lochinvar

    Hello from Edinburgh

    Welcome from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities, its been far too long since I've been.
  9. lochinvar

    Tom T. Hall Dies

    Another favorite gone. Sitting around the campfire with sundowners, Tom gets sung quite a bit, usually "Me and Jesus" followed by "I like Beer"......usually several times:) Rest In Peace.
  10. lochinvar

    Soliciting Advice on My Next Pipe Purchase

    Check out some of the Upshalls on eBay. They generally run large, and fall in your budget. Or if you can find an estate Rinaldo Titania those are HUGE and Rinaldo is an excellent smoker.
  11. lochinvar

    Briars With Small Bowls?

    If you want good briar and smaller size, try older Sasienis. Sasieni and their sub-brands are phenomenal pipes, by and large are smaller than I like (I generally stay in the Ashton XXX, Group 5, etc range) but they smoke so well I'm always on the hunt.
  12. lochinvar


    I'm in the never give a sucker an even break camp......either today or tomorrow.
  13. lochinvar

    Phillip Morris Wants Cigarettes Banned In UK By 2030?

    They will never ban cigarettes. The government would have to find a replacement for the taxes off of them.....and then they'd decide they wanted that and the cigarette taxes together.
  14. lochinvar

    Pick One Pipe & One Blend as Your Best of the Best

    Butera Blended Flake (or Ashton Pebblecut) in my Rinaldo Lithos bent bulldog
  15. lochinvar

    Gonna Try A Scottish Blend

    I forgot about McConnell. If their copy is true, McConnell's Scottish Blend may be the first iteration of the style.
  16. lochinvar

    Gonna Try A Scottish Blend

    Try the Scottish blends from the Scottish brand, Rattray. Rattray has four in its lineup, all using the basic mixture of Virginia, Latakia, Oriental and Black Cavendish, in different proportions. -Red Rapparee- Focuses on the Orientals...heavily -Black Mallory- Most balanced -3 Noggins-...
  17. lochinvar

    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2021?***

    Miskatonic Mix in my new Cavicchi Canadian and another bowl in an older Charatan Lovat. Unnamable, eldritch treats!
  18. lochinvar

    C&D Visions…Oh My God!!!!

    Message me and we'll talk of Hast......wait......he is not to be named!
  19. lochinvar

    C&D Visions…Oh My God!!!!

    Just remember when smoking it.....don't read the second half of the king in yellow.
  20. lochinvar

    A Sad Post

    Not knowing your exact situation, I've been right there, almost the exact time length too. It hurt so much inside it physically hurt. And every second of pain and misery was worth it for what I have now. I have a wife that cares about me, and children I love more than breathing. People deserve...