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  1. Old School 3319

    Need Advice. Anyone Here Push Cows?

    Respect the cows and go easy
  2. Old School 3319

    How Do Tires Age?

    Sorry for the late comment but I am actually an engineer at a tire manufacturing plant. 6 years is a long life for a tire in todays market and should be replaced. Todays tires have a lot more than just rubber and steel in them. Some of our tires have chili powder as well as grapeseed oil. We...
  3. Old School 3319

    Tell Us About Your Health And Pipe Smoking

    I started smoking at 13 smoked til 35. I chewed from 16 til 42yrs old. I smoked a pipe for alittle over 3 yrs. I got sick last November after many different dr visits and none of them knowing what was wrong I had all but given up. I finally found a doctor who took the time to figure out what the...
  4. Old School 3319

    3 Weeks And Counting

    I chewed for many years and have thought about going back but just cant pull the trigger. I actually have a can on my desk that is unopened
  5. Old School 3319

    Going To Start Budget Blending

    Try some Daughters & Ryan Vengeur it is great for blending
  6. Old School 3319

    3 Weeks And Counting

    Its been a little rough I been staying out of the "Pipe Cave" so I am not tempted. On the up side my liver is in great shape for a 30+ yr " Alcoholic almost no damage at all. Trouble is I smoke 2.5 to 3 packs of pall mall filterless for 25 to 30 yrs that has done some damage. I would love to...
  7. Old School 3319

    Something Better than Ziploc Bags?

    If you are at the grocery store just buy some jars
  8. Old School 3319

    3 Weeks And Counting

    So I have not had a pipe in three weeks. I smoked 10 plus bowls a day but I have been sick since last fall. I have been to a couple of different dr's. After a battery of test they swore it was my gallbladder. but nope liver and gallbladder are good to go. No they "think" its COPD. I have one...
  9. Old School 3319

    The Price of Lumber

    We signed a contract with a guy to install a privacy fence last fall. He is pissed caused we locked our price in and paid a substantial amount down. He says the price of lumber has almost doubled and is having trouble getting the panels. Not my problem I paid for the job back in the fall
  10. Old School 3319

    Most Expensive Pipes Sold Ever

    What am I missing it looks like an average pipe
  11. Old School 3319

    I've Heard of a Stripper at a Construction Site Before, But Not Like This

    I am still trying to figure out what they did wrong? Was it cause they didn’t have masks on
  12. Old School 3319

    Pipe Smokers Etiquette

    I would rather have a friend than a brother. I have spoken to my brother 1 time in 25yrs. Got friend I talk to weekly
  13. Old School 3319

    Why Does The Last Day At Work Before Vacation Suck So Bad

    I am lucky to have the job I have it truly is rewarding and the 5 weeks a year in vacation is a nice perk
  14. Old School 3319

    Pipe Smokers Etiquette

    I might have to try that and cover my shaved head lol
  15. Old School 3319

    Nording Compass Modification

    I own two of these the are great utility pipes can definitely take a beating. Mine don’t look nearly as nice
  16. Old School 3319

    Alcohol Treatment

    I clean my pipes with a nice high proof rum. It cleans and freshens the pipe
  17. Old School 3319

    Pipe Smokers Etiquette

    People don’t approach me very often I have been told that I do not look very friendly to dam intimidating. Most of the staff at my daughters schools are scared of me. I am not a bad guy but I guess all the scars and tattoos and beard scare people my wife says I am just a big teddy bear but what...
  18. Old School 3319

    Best Line in a Song

    Beatin them strings like there owen me money and burning that honky tonk flame Tyler Childers
  19. Old School 3319

    Why Does The Last Day At Work Before Vacation Suck So Bad

    Thank you all for the well wishes
  20. Old School 3319

    Why Does The Last Day At Work Before Vacation Suck So Bad

    Well I am not taking a vacation anywhere. My wife is making me go to the Dr next week. I had an incident a few days ago. I had a leg cramp and attempted to get out of bed. I woke up a little bit later with my wife yelling my name and my head against the nightstand and blood everywhere. I have...