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  1. magicpiper

    McClelland Logo

    Do any of you know the meaning of the whale/ocean on McClelland tins like Christmas Cheer or 40th Anniversary? I have always thought it makes for a nice looking tin but never knew if there was any significance to it.
  2. magicpiper

    Bulk Tobacco Mold?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title ( See Rule 9 ) - Bob I was checking through my bulk tobacco in the cellar and noticed what looked like haze on the inside of a few jars. I opened them and confirmed it was condensation. It’s also important to note that it was only the Sam Gawith jars that...
  3. magicpiper

    Childhood Tobacco Memory

    I was enjoying a bowl of Virginia flake today. I decided to stick my nose in the tin to breathe in the aroma of the aged Virginia tobacco and a childhood memory from long ago blasted into my mind. I had the childhood fortune of witnessing one of the tobacco auctions when tobacco was still king...
  4. magicpiper

    Pipe Rotation or Random Use?

    Just most of you stick to a pipe rotation or do you just randomly smoke your pipes? I always randomly pull pipes from my collection to smoke. Usually, it depends on what tobacco I'm smoking, I often choose one because it hasn't been used in a while but sometimes there's no good...
  5. magicpiper

    aged Virginias

    Happy Holidays All, I was recently gifted several tins of McClelland Christmas Cheer. They vary by year, mostly between the mid 2000's to 2017. The one exception is a tin from 1992. I'm curious as to how long can you age those Virginias before they stop aging or begin degrading. Other than being...
  6. magicpiper

    New from Middle of FL

    Greetings from Central Florida. Long time lurker here. Originally from NC. I mostly smoke Virginias. I always keep an English in the rotation to keep things interesting but always crave Virginias. Yes, I’m still mourning the loss of McClelland. I’ve been smoking pipes for about 10 years. My...