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  1. clunk

    Total Bliss

    I went to my local park today. Summer was trying to break through and it was kind of mild. I had my trusty Ashton, a full bent with a mother of a 25mm bowl, a tin of Punchbowle, and my newspaper. I always head for an area of the park that's out of the way, in particular a seat that's hidden from...
  2. clunk


    I have just noticed that the vast majority seem to have beards.... ....are you all hiding.
  3. clunk

    Tobacco tax

    The tax we in the U.K. pay on pipe tobacco is $147.5 (£98.01) on each 2.2 pound of the stuff. Does anyone pay anymore?
  4. clunk

    Credit Cards

    What's with this cannot send to the U.S. if you buy with a credit card if the tobacco purchase is made with plastic?. It's on every website we have over here.
  5. clunk

    Brothers in arms

    At this moment in time i'm in an old barn in Scotland with three desert storm pals. One has Mac Barens Seven Seas Regular Blend in an estate, one has Peterson Sunset Breeze in a Meerschaum, and one has Borkum Riff Cherry in an Ashton Estate. Me, I have Windsor Breeze in an Ashton. My old stove...
  6. clunk


    Well i took the big leap. She's going to the restorers. I'm going to miss the old girl. I know it's for the best but my life is going to have a big hole in it. I will be incomplete. Tommorrow i will cry into my pillow. I have no idea how i will cope. My life will be devoid of meaning. I don't...
  7. clunk

    Hello everyone.

    Oh my god, i have died and gone to heaven. I was searching the web for a pipe repairer to lovingly repair my beloved Ashton and i find this website. This just has to be heavens back door. If i'm asleep don't anyone ever wake me up, not ever.