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    Someone Stole Two of My Pipes

    Just venting, but I'm highly upset. Someone took it upon themselves to enter my back porch and steal not one, but two of my pipes while I was away from home Thanksgiving. One of which was an Edward's from the 70s that was one of my best smokers. The other I can stand to loose, but still....I...
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    TAD Just Got Me...

    Well, I officially have TAD. Spent 2.5 times my usual budget for tobacco just now. Not that I have any remorse in doing so (in fact, I got a couple more blends I have been wanting to try plus some old favorites that I'm excited to get here) but shhh, pretty sure the misses would murder me if I...
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    Does this happen to anyone else?

    I've had this happen several times throughout the years, even when I smoked cigarettes, but it's one of those werid things I never think about until it happens. I Just got done cleaning the house/ bathroom with bleach, and afterwards I lit a bowl of tobacco and it tastes horrible! Like bad...
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    A bitter sweet day

    This morning, early in the AM, a buddy calls me and tells me he is at an estate sale, and they had a set of pipes. He knows I enjoy pipes, sends me a video of the set. In the video, they all look in pretty good condition so he tells me a price the guy is asking. I tell him my max for the lot. He...
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    I've gone and broke it

    Ok so I guess there is a first time for everything, but I've gone and broke one of my favorite pipe stems. A pipe cleaner was getting hard to pass right at the bit, so I figured I would get my pipe tool hot and force the opening up by using a little heat. I guess I may have gotten a little over...
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    I havent herd anyone around here talk about it yet, so I figured I would be the one to give a heads up. I picked up a 2oz tub of SPC newest blend, "wildman" on sale at P&C last week. I've had a week to really try and get to know it, and I have to say it's pretty darn good. It's a well balanced...
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    4th Generation Family Reserve

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of a tobacco that is similar to 4th Generation family reserve? I really love the hint of prunes, almond and vanilla with the quality blend of tobacco's and I'd love to try something that's similar.
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    Are some english blends bitter?

    Hey guys. So I just had a question about english blends because I dont have a ton of experience with different ones. Over the last few months I have been enjoying them and have tired a couple different ones that I have really enjoyed. Yesterday I recieved a new blend I was excited to try (comoys...
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    Humid environment?

    So I have had a long standing question and figured maybe I would ask those who are more knowledgeable than I. I live in a very humid state (FL) and I have found that "just leaving my tobacco out" to dry never really works due to the humidity. Even leaving tobacco in my "dry" closet for a week...
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    Long time lurker says hello

    Hello everybody. I have been a nearly daily lurker for quite some time now. I know many of you by your posts, and many of you have helped in my pipers journey and yet I have never stopped and said hello. So to that end, how are y'all? I finally decided that introductions were in order, and maybe...