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  1. shutterbug

    Oh Peterson's, What Have You Done??

    Just putting this out there, I know how we don't talk about Vaping and accessories, but this topic touches the piping world: Peterson's in collaboration with a designer has created a Vape Pipe honoring the Sherlock Holmes Line. Aaaaand, discuss! Here's The Link: Peterson's Site
  2. shutterbug

    Singapore Members

    Just curious as to whether there are any members here from and currently in Singapore. I'm heading over to Singapore for some business and was hoping to meet up with some of our members and maybe spend a few bowls with them. Let me know. Shutterbug
  3. shutterbug

    9 Pipe Rack for Under $10.00

    My wife was doing the laundry today and I decided to go out to Loews for a few new clamps, and I decided I would try and build myself a rack. Now, I would like to tell everyone here, that I am by no means a woodworker, but I am handy, so I thought this was an interesting project. Two hours...
  4. shutterbug

    McClelland Christmas Cheer 2014 Is In...

    On your marks, get set, and go! SP got them in for $15.90/100g How many are your getting? Shutterbug
  5. shutterbug

    Got Massive Cake? Use The GBD Hedgehog Reamer

    Just got back from the Antique shops in our area and found this hidden among a few cans of old baccy. It was a great buy, but I highly doubt I will EVER use this, the teeth are just so aggressive: The GBD Hedgehog Reamer Shutterbug
  6. shutterbug

    Smoking's April Fools Day Joke

    I found this link to be a chuckle: Estate Cigars Cigar Estate Link Shutterbug
  7. shutterbug

    Meer Queen Falcon Bowls (PIC Heavy)

    Just received my Falcon bowls from Meer Queen, and I must admit, I am relatively pleased. Aside from a tiny hiccup, they arrived very quickly, and a small imperfection (but nothing that can be seen from the outside of the bowl). For the price of $20-$30, they are a great way to provide an...
  8. shutterbug

    1 Belt + 10 Minutes = Three Pipe Stands

    My wife caught me looking at Etsy for some Leather Pipe Stands, and she went into my closet and grabbed an old belt that I never used... "Go make it yourself" she said, so I did. Ten minutes later, I had three different pipe stands from a crappy old belt that I would never use again. Here's a...
  9. shutterbug

    Look Daddy...

  10. shutterbug

    Savinelli's Big Big Misstep

    I am a big fan of Savinelli. I like their marketing, and I especially like their pipes for the price that you are paying. I like their models, and I like how they, like Peterson's, keep a standard model set, and create pipe finishes based on those models. What I don't like, and I believe is a...
  11. shutterbug

    SG Golden Glow

    <br />
  12. shutterbug

    SG Golden Glow

    As I am breaking open a new tin of this, about to try it for the first time, I laughed when I read a review about this and someone wrote: "It's as though someone drove a tank over the tobacco, and that's what they call broken flake [ready rubbed flake]". And that's folks, why I read...
  13. shutterbug

    Savinelli Noce WALNUT 626

    Loving this look. I want one desperately! Shutterbug
  14. shutterbug

    New Savinelli Limited Leather Pipes

    As a few of you know, I'm a big Savinelli Fan (among others), and I remembered there was recently a thread about leather clad pipes, so I thought I would post this. These were just announced by Savinelli: their SLP line (Super Leather Pipe). I just hope will end up carrying some of...
  15. shutterbug

    THE Best Place To Have A Bowl...

    Just got back from a nice week in Cuba and a week in Vegas, and I can tell you that this is THE best place to have a bowl... Shutterbug
  16. shutterbug

    Peter Stokkebye Nougat First Try...

    I tried this sweet delight for the first time, and really enjoyed it. Considering smoking this after each and every meal to replace dessert! But I do have a question. With all new tobaccos I smoke, I usually try it in my clay before giving it a go in any of my briars. Question is, for all of...
  17. shutterbug

    Match/Life Hack

    Here's a life hack that I saw recently and decided to try out. For all of you match users, this hack is great for lighting anything without getting your fingers singed and getting every last bit if the flame. I only do it at home where I keep a clothespin handy with the matchbox, but I will be...
  18. shutterbug

    Softy Bits And Storage

    Softy Bits and Storage: I must admit, I never considered a softy bit because I was never really a clenched, however I decided to throw one onto my new Castello to protect the stem, and I have found out that I love these bits. I may not necessarily be a clenched still, however I do enjoy...
  19. shutterbug

    The Best Pipe Display I've Seen...

    This is perhaps the smartest and most beautiful pipe display I have seen... Savinelli Shutterbug
  20. shutterbug

    The Science Behind PAD

    Since we all suffer from the ever present PAD attacks, I thought it would be interesting to discuss the science behind it. As a photojournalist and piper, I not only have PAD attacks, but also GAS attacks. GAS attacks are identical to PAD, but just with photo equipment. Here's the science...