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  1. jonahtke

    Extended Vacation

    Well Ladies and Gents, on Tuesday the 25th I am having my hip replaced. This will be to resolve a flaw that has been present in my hips since I was born. And while I am unreasonably frightened about the whole thing, I am going to get six weeks off of work. Plenty of time to sit at home and...
  2. jonahtke

    Props for PipesandCigars

    I know these guys have gotten some flak lately but they have been my goto online tobacconist since I started smoking over a year ago. I placed an order with them earlier this week, and it shipped immediately, and arrived today with everything I ordered in perfect order. Thanks again P&C!
  3. jonahtke

    Obsolete Words

    There is a term listed in this article regarding pipe smoking and I thought I'd share:
  4. jonahtke

    Upcoming TAD order, what's missing?

    I'm preparing to place an order for some baccy (my supplies are dwindling and I thought I'd better start cellaring some). I'll be ordering 8oz each of the following: H&H Classic Burley Kake Lane LL-7 PS Luxury Navy Flake I feel like something is missing here though(as though one could ever...
  5. jonahtke

    When can I Smoke Again?

    I had five fillings yesterday afternoon. Friday is typically pipe night, any suggestions on how long I should wait for things to settle before I smoke?
  6. jonahtke

    I was Smoking at the Park When...

    My wife and I took our son to the park yesterday morning. I sat on a bench enjoying my pipe when three geese came up out of the river and began approaching my boy (he's 3) honking and flapping their wings threateningly. I stepped between them and one of the geese lunged at me and grabbed ahold...
  7. jonahtke

    Feeling the PAD

    For the last year or so I have been very content with my cobs and my Mr. Brog (great smoker). However the last couple of days the PAD itch has really been hitting me. I'm looking for suggestions for something that'll smoke well but won't get me yelled at by the wife, something in the Pete/Sav...
  8. jonahtke

    Smoking Jackets

    I've decided I need to find a smoking jacket for my "pipe time". Something about the image of myself in a fancy leather chair, wearing an ugly paisley jacket, and smoking my pipe in front of a fireplace just amuses the heck out of me. I think the tackier it is, the more I"m going to enjoy it...
  9. jonahtke


    I saw this go up on pipesandcigars facebook this morning. They expect to sell out before the weekend is over. I ordered my 3 tins and thought I'd share with you all as well. Happy puffing!
  10. jonahtke

    Mclelland stave aged

    Has anyone tried either of the new(ish) mclelland stave aged blends? The descriptions look wonderful but I always like to get input from this community before diving into a new baccy.
  11. jonahtke

    MM Grab bag

    I noticed that Missouri Meerschaum now has a product on their site that is a grab bag of 10 random cobs priced at $30. The cobs are all considered to be flawed aesthetically but are assured to be perfect smokers. This excited me because not only do cobs smoke great, but it allows me to have an...
  12. jonahtke

    CAO Cherry Bomb

    I ordered this based on some older threads I read praising it as an enjoyable cherry blend. As I'd never had a cherry baccy before, and couldn't get my hands on a tin of 7 seas red, I ordered this guy. It is absolutely amazing. One of the few tobacco's that I've tried and have really been...
  13. jonahtke

    Back after long hiatus

    I'd like to apologize for my long and unannounced absence from the forums, and feel I owe an explanation to folks that I'd been in regular contact with. My wife and I have for the last year and a half been trying to have a second baby. Several months ago we finally got it. A month and a half...
  14. jonahtke

    Sutliff day!

    I got three packages in the mail today, two trades, and one my ataldis free sample. I now have a tin of Molto Dolce (also had a small sample of Charlemagne), Tabac Noir, and Maple Street. They all smell wonderful and Tabac Noir was a great smoke. I'm not going to pretend that I am enough of a...
  15. jonahtke

    Concerning Tobacco

    After reading various other mark twain quotes on the forum I felt the impulse to see if I could find anything else from him regarding tobacco use. Following is a url to a piece that he wrote concerning quality and brand of tobacco. I found it to be a great read...
  16. jonahtke

    World No Tobacco Day

    I saw this post from pipesandcigars on facebook a few moments ago and thought I'd pass it on for funsies. "Our sources have told us that the pleasure police in conjunction with the alliance of people who know how you should live better than you do have declared today "World No Tobacco Day"! So...
  17. jonahtke

    Smoke rings

    I've been listening to the hobbit on my iPhone all through todays 13 hour extra work day (Big OT check will be used on some pad/tad). It occurs to me that I'd like to blow smoke rings while puffing my pipe. I made an attempt this evening when I got home and had questionable results. Does...
  18. jonahtke

    Peterson Pipe Display

    I was just perusing ebay when I saw this guy and thought it was kind of nifty.
  19. jonahtke

    Canker Sore

    Since Old Toby bit me last Friday, I have had a small canker sore (small white swollen spot the size of a taste bud) on the tip of my tongue. I've had these pop up now and again my entire life and while a mild irritation, I know what foods and drinks to avoid while it's healing. However I'm...
  20. jonahtke

    The pipe I couldn't sell

    So I couldn't bring myself to sell the new Pete Dalkey 999...I spent a lot of time choosing it, and I am just in love with it. I listed it twice, and each time cancelled the auction within a day. For the same reasons however, I have found myself unable to take that first step and smoke it. I...