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  1. magicpiper

    Just dug my pipes out of storage

    Welcome Brad. Glad you’re here.
  2. magicpiper

    Latakia %%%

    Ok guys…no more posting questions unless you’ve been on the forum for 12 years and have made at least 16,000 posts. All you peasants shall remain in the back seat with your mouths closed. We can’t have all of these silly tobacco related questions disturbing the elders posting pictures of...
  3. magicpiper

    How Large is Your Pipe Collection in Proportion to How Much You Smoke?

    I have one less pipe than I really need and I smoke much less than I want.
  4. magicpiper

    YES, AGAIN...

    Hey LeRoy Lee…I grew up less than 10 miles from Wallace…long ago before Walmart came to town 😁
  5. magicpiper

    What's Your Profession !!

    My career for the last 5 years has involved moving 15-20 exceptionally tall men around the country in a 757. Prior to that, I spent 15 years getting movers and shakers around the country. And before that, I moved a crap ton of stuff on pallets around the world. As a much younger man, I sold jet...
  6. magicpiper

    What are You Reading Now?

    Have been reading “All American, All the Way. Combat History of 82nd Airborne Division in WWII”
  7. magicpiper

    Health Problems, Gotta Quit.

    That sounds terrifying. Glad you’re ok and around to tell the story. I wish you the best of luck and good health.
  8. magicpiper

    What A Wonderful Future We'll Have...

    Welcome from Central Florida. Did all of my growing years in Wilmington. Glad you’re here. You’ll find plenty answers to all of your questions around here. Welcome aboard!
  9. magicpiper

    Self Haircut

    Barbers are like any profession. You’ve got ones that do excellent cuts and ones that do shitty cuts. It’s like finding your favorite restaurant. You find what you like and you continue to go back. I found one that is at the top of his game. His cuts are excellent and I pay him well for his...
  10. magicpiper

    Good Times, Baccy, Bourbon, and BBQ

    I do love that Old Grandad Bottled in Bond!
  11. magicpiper

    Good Health News

    That’s great news. Best wishes!
  12. magicpiper


    Welcome from Florida. Glad you’re here.
  13. magicpiper

    Longevity Of Samuel Gawith Tins?

    Never had a problem with SG rectangle tins but have lost at least a dozen Mac Baren square tins over the last few years. All Mac Baren tobacco goes straight to the jars when I buy them.
  14. magicpiper

    You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To: No

    Dad always told me I could do anything I wanted to do. And he always advised against joining the "green machine". "They own your ass the moment you sign the dotted line" he proclaimed. Ironically, Dad was a career Army man. He changed his tune when I graduated high school. He asked me at least...
  15. magicpiper

    Who Smokes With Their Eyes Closed?

    I most often smoke alone and during the evening. Closing my eyes while smoking is part of my winding down process. It’s very meditative to tune the noise out and only hear what I want. The world melts away but the crickets and the breeze get louder. I’ve noticed my puffing cadence hits a perfect...
  16. magicpiper

    Grandpa For The Third Time

    Congratulations Hoosier! Wishing good health to Mom and baby. God bless!
  17. magicpiper

    Favourite Female Singers

    Aretha Franklin Ella Fitzgerald Sarah McLaughlin *Honorable mention-Lady Gaga- I’m not a huge fan of her music but do have an appreciation for her range & ability. A lot of horsepower in those lungs .
  18. magicpiper

    Lack Of Pipe Smoke Is Stressing Me Out!

    I feel your pain. I haven’t had a pipe or cigar since July 13th. I tested positive for covid even though I’m fully vaccinated and haven’t been able to smoke. Still no taste or smell. Smoking a pipe or cigar is like puffing tasteless hot air. Not a lot of pleasure in it.
  19. magicpiper

    What Hobbies Have You Fallen Out Of?

    Most are covered in mineral oil and in storage. This one is my daily driver. Griswold #8 slant logo. 1906-1916?? Use it for biscuits and cornbread only. Smooth as a baby’s butt.
  20. magicpiper

    What Hobbies Have You Fallen Out Of?

    I collected and restored old cast iron cookware, mostly from turn of the century. It was inexpensive at the time and useable once restoration was complete. They made great gifts for newlyweds or folks that remembered the quality of their grandmother’s skillet. I never sold them. Unfortunately...