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  1. kg.legat0

    Problem With My Altinay Meer

    Well, I am a bit alarmed and sad yet hopeful for this new pipe of mine. I got it from tobaccopipes just over a month ago. I have been super careful with it, kept it clean, smoked cool, etc ...but, it seems there is a small hole right around the bottom of the bowl/stummel area. This area was...
  2. kg.legat0

    Low Country Out of Stock

    I noticed that Low Country blends are out at SP. I am wondering if anyone knows how long the cycle usually is from out of stock to restocked with such blends or if there is even any regularity to it. I love the Natural Virginia & Oriental blend and want to stock up. I have a good bit for now...
  3. kg.legat0

    Baraccini Pipe Shank Drilled Too Deep

    Hey folks, Just got this pipe in the mail today, I smoked a bowl out of it so I imagine it'd be too late for a return but really don't care if this isn't a problem..the first smoke was fantastic. Just looks like someone nicked the bowl wall when drilling the shank. Will this crater just fill...
  4. kg.legat0

    Lifespan of a Cracked Cob

    Greetings! I have dozens of cobs and appreciate each one as it's own unique pipe. I have several nice briars in my collection but always return to cobs and smoke them exclusively on my daily hour+ commutes. My favorite cobs have some pretty deep cracks at this point. They don't seem to be...
  5. kg.legat0

    Beaver Deluxe...?

    Bored me decided to roll the dice with yet another eBay estate/used purchase...I can't find any information regarding these pipes. There are some cracks inside the bowl that are of some concern but I wonder if I could have it repaired if it proves to be a promising smoker. Anyone familiar with...
  6. kg.legat0

    Amphora Kentucky Blend

    Thought I would share my impressions of this blend. I don't think of my palate as refined enough to give a proper review, but figured some of you fine folks may also be fans of this stuff. I was enticed by a recent P&C deal that included a pouch of this smoke along with a pipe and some...
  7. kg.legat0

    Pipers Who Play

    Hey folks! I saw some cool responses in the "What are you listening to" thread -I figure there must be some musicians among us. If you are, what do you play?