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  1. Elric

    Pipe Smoking in Bars/Restaurants

    Lots of places with outdoor dining in Florida allow it. Goose's Sports Bar (a dive in the best sense of the word) in Largo allows it indoors as well.
  2. Elric

    Cellaring for the First Time.

    I don't have a problem! I can quit any time!
  3. Elric

    More Tobacco Storage Cylinders

    Amazon has them, relatively cheap if you look a bit.
  4. Elric

    ***What Are You Smoking, February 2021?***

    Country Squire's Cornishman in a Dux Depose longshank billiard. Wonderful stuff. May have to order a pound.
  5. Elric

    Pipe Smoker on “Life Below Zero:NT”

    Well, you never know. I doubt much hygiene occurs "below zero" so fester may be accurate.
  6. Elric

    No, Sorry, Not Dead Yet. However... :)

    I would rather have you here than not; pipe or no pipe.
  7. Elric

    Where's Funkenhouse?

    Welcome back, sir!
  8. Elric

    Jeeps, Ducks, & Pipes = Good Times

    Looks like a good time was had by all. My daughter has inherited my 2012 Wrangler and loves it!
  9. Elric

    Shame And Excitement

    Beautiful pipes. Don't drop them in the snow!
  10. Elric

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    I mentioned this in the London Burley thread but I ordered 6, plus a tin of Skiff as that seems highly recommended for an Oriental-forward blend.
  11. Elric

    Anyone Getting Macbaren Burley London Blend?

    Well, I couldn't resist. I ordered 6, plus a tin of Skiff to try. Figured the 6 plus my supply of ABF and Wessex should keep me now. But, I'm likely a compulsive liar.
  12. Elric

    Back from the ALT. Days

    Welcome aboard! I was a regular on ASP for a few years as well and quite enjoyed it. I think you'll find the same camaraderie here.
  13. Elric

    Reversed My Opinion of Haddos Delight.

    :) I don't know, I think essence of hobo is quite underrated as a topping. I will agree it clashes with the Hawaiian Tropic. That said, much like Latakia, it really depends on the type and contents of the dumpster its roasted over.
  14. Elric

    MM Cob Has Gotten Into The Moonshine

    I got one. The price is roughly double the MM Dagner, which I think is an altogether nicer pipe. I
  15. Elric

    Cobs and Codgers Who Smoke Them!

    I love cobs and they seem to have a natural affinity for warm weather and burley. If that makes me a codger, I'm ok with that.
  16. Elric

    Designated Aromatic Pipe?

    I smoke a fair number of aros but I only do so in designated pipes.
  17. Elric

    Burley Blend Recommendations for a Novice

    While probably not held in as high esteem as ABF, Wessex Burley Slice is also a very solid smoke.
  18. Elric

    Do You Have an Aversion to Bulldogs?

    Bulldog/Rhodesian Rabbit here!
  19. Elric

    ***What Are You Smoking, February 2021?***

    Country Squire Shepherd's Pie in a Stanwell Dublin. I like their Latakia and love Cornishman but this blend seems rather muddled.