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    40th Bday Pipe

    Well, I’m hitting the big 4-0 at the end of the month! Have always wanted a Castello Old Antiquari shape 55, and found one at a reasonable price this morning, and pulled the trigger. Treating myself right!
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    Zoom Chats

    So the pipe club that I belong to has organized a Zoom video chat for this evening. It seems there are around 8 members that will be attending, and I am pretty excited! In these times of isolation, it is important to try to maintain some socialization, and I am so glad that the club decided to...
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    Savinelli Estella question

    Just received a Savinelli Estella (shape 316) in the mail today that I won on eBay recently. Unfortunately, it appears to have some odd whitish specs all over the bowl. I have never seen anything like this in all the years I’ve been smoking a pipe. I am including a pic below....any idea what...
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    Hello from Maryland

    Hello all, This is Scott, just east of Baltimore, Maryland. Long time lurker here and long time listener of the podcast! I’ve been smoking pipes since 2009 and am a proud member of the Chesapeake Pipe Club, based out of Baltimore. I set the pipe down for a few years, only to pick it back up...
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    Demuth's In Lancaster

    Heading up to Lancaster, PA tomorrow for the weekend and want to visit the Demuth's Tobacco Shop, which is the oldest tobacco shop in the US. Have any of you been? Despite the shop mainly being a museum, I see that they do sell pipes and tobaccos, but my question is can you smoke inside? Any...
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    Lakeland Lovers Unite

    OK Brothers, I am officially coming out of the closet....I am a Lakeland Lover!!! I have come to terms with the fact that I enjoy packing a pipe with Gawith&Hoggarth lakeland blends, firing it up, and pretending that I am walking the streets of Victorian London. There are so many G&H blends out...
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    GBD&Castello PAD

    Just bought a few pipes this past week that I am currently waiting on to show up at the doorstep. First of all, I got a beautiful estate GBD Prehistoric rhodesian with a perspex stem. I fell in love with the shape and as I don't own any rhodesians, I had to have it. This GBD also sports a...
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    First Camping Trip of 2012

    Morning gents, Being new here on the forums, I wanted to waste no time discussing the things I enjoy in life, often related to pipe smoking! Next weekend, I am going on a camping trip with friends up in the mountains of Pennsylvania. A buddy of mine has a cabin up there and this will be my...