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  1. guylesss

    FS Dunhill Murray Era Classics--NIGHTCAP! EARLY MORNING PIPE! APERITIF! and more 08/11/2021

    While I continue to await the world of contemporary art museum and gallery shows to return to something resembling pre-COVID "normalcy" and to more generously supporting my jones for an occasional new pipe or tobacco acquisition, I have taken note that even my favorite Saturday morning shark...
  2. guylesss

    FS: Dunhill Murray-Era 1997-2000 Nightcap, EMP, and Aperitif 4/17/2021

    My half hearted attempt to rationalize my cellar, recover from recent extravagance, and fund modest future self-indulgence continues. Tins can be reliably dated to the Murray’s heyday of circa 1997-2000 (flat bottoms, small Lane import stickers, “Made in UK” on lid). All were bought from...
  3. guylesss

    FS: Dunhill Murray-Era Classics 3/28/2021

    I’ve been, I fear, a bit too extravagantly self-indulgent with both recent (and I suspect my near future) tobacco and pipe purchases. So, even if hoarding is second nature to me, I have reluctantly concluded that divesting myself of a few vintage Dunhill tins would be the timely, sensible...
  4. guylesss

    Interesting Completed Ebay Auctions--19th Century Lancel

    I know almost nothing about 19th century pipes or premium French-made brands-- beyond a vague sense of their importance to 20th century British brands. But even if last weekend's rather lovely "unsmoked" cased, silver-mounted, circa-1880s Lancel soared out of my own reach with a sniping duel...
  5. guylesss

    Maybe He Should Offer Free Shipping? €1650 Sealed Dunhill Tin

    My Mixture No. 965, described in the 1928 "About Smoke" catalogue as "the finest Mixture ever produced"--maybe. Or at least if I were an "oligarch" keen to dazzle my friends the next St Petersburg pipe club evening. While perhaps, also convincing myself it was decent value compared to a bottle...
  6. guylesss

    Circa 1930 Original Dunhill Catalogue--Gone in 60 Seconds EBay

    In another life or perhaps a parallel universe, I'll get to own a copy of John Loring's 1500-page, four-volume compilation of what is almost certainly everything pipe-related that Dunhill ever published. In the meantime, even in this life, one can live in hope-- as remote a possibility as it...
  7. guylesss

    Not Quite Red Meat For The Duke Streets Irregulars--More Like An Expensive Plate Of Vegetables (Original circa 1930 Pipe Shape Catalog)

    Life is peppered with regret. Big and small. Among the latter, for me, is failing bite the bullet and pony up a dozen years ago to buy John Loring's methodical, self-published four-volume compilation of Dunhill catalogs (on the other hand, at least I had the good sense to part with $20 to get...
  8. guylesss

    1920s Loewe "Elton" with Sterling Band--The Puzzles Posed by a Not So Benign Century of Use

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Periodically (over the past dozen years) the riddles of my only vintage Loewe (acquired for a modest sum on Ebay) have nagged at me. The pipe is clearly a Loewe of the Haymarket era that began decently in life. That much is clear. But decades...
  9. guylesss

    Brooklyn--A Room with a View, of One's Own, on the Waterfront

    Sometimes we all just need a break. In my own case, about twelve years. Not, you understand from what might be diplomatically termed, the gentle art of smoking. But from pipes--and their pursuit (mainly patent and modern era Dunhills; along with also hunting down vintage tobacco). And so, to...