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  1. joshwolftree

    Big Pipes Less Used?

    I smoke my larger pipes at home or on long road trips, and have a full rotation of small bowled pipes for work when I only have 20 minutes at a time for smokes.
  2. joshwolftree

    Who Supports My Pay Check?

    I actually have special kitty in a tidy cat tub. I also have meow mix in a tidy cat cat tub really, cleaning out the tubs they put the tidy cat in makes for great organization and it's cheaper than buying the same size in just bins. As for brand loyalty it's whatever happens to be cheapest when...
  3. joshwolftree

    Kevin Gatsby

    The real question, did you order the pipe to match the suit, or the suit to match the pipe? The stem/tie/pocket square coordination is too nice to be a coincidence.
  4. joshwolftree

    Empty Tins...

    I've been taking the metal pop lid tin's out to the range to throw spent shells in, then I toss them on the to be worked pile for making tampers. The plastic pull tab lid tin's get used for random and assorted too. one is full of spare stems for MM cobs, one has drill bits. I filled one up with...
  5. joshwolftree

    Hand Crafted Pipe Rack

    oh that's gorgeous
  6. joshwolftree

    Cleanest Pipe Ever, or Horrible Ghosting?

    I'll find out in a few days, I suppose. While out at the campsite, while preforming a particularly harrowing maneuver in a golf cart I managed to bite down on the stem of one of my cobs hard enough to cause a crack in the side. Since it's one of my favorite campsite smokers, I decided to let it...
  7. joshwolftree

    You Dropped Your Pipe Where?!?! Tell Me Your Horror Story

    my worst drop was into an ashtray... I had just finished smoking one of my clays on a smoke break at work, I went to tap the ash out over one of the metal ashtrays and didn't realize there was still a cinder in the bowl. Burnt myself, recoiled from the burn, dropped the pipe, it hit the ashtray...
  8. joshwolftree

    EAC Inch Pipes

    either smoke super wet aros with the filter in or wrap the little piece the filter sits on with Electrical tape, and they make decent smokers. I suppose optionally you could wrap the external(stem side) of the magical inch with tape to give it a bit more of a chamber to aerate the smoke but it...
  9. joshwolftree

    What Makes a Good Pipe Stand/Rack?

    I prefer the open loop, mainly for space constraint purposes as I don't have to pull the pipes bowl out as far to remove a pipe.
  10. joshwolftree

    "All Day Smoke"

    well I've pretty much quit chain smoking nails in favor of a lit pipe in my mouth. Now on workdays four or five bowls are smaller 15 minute bowls I carry for my breaks. I've gotten a lot of use out of sugar barrel lately, but it depends on the mood
  11. joshwolftree

    "All Day Smoke"

    I usually smoke at least six in a day...more if I'm sitting around the house or campsite instead of working. last trip to the campsite I spent one day rotating between two cobs with almost no break between
  12. joshwolftree

    At Least They Left Me My Pipes

    firearms were in locked cases on the top shelf of the bedroom closet, with trigger and bolt lock devices in place. Bolts were removed(they are both bolt action hunting rifles, a .22 and a .308) clips and bolts stored separately in a locked fire safe(still in my possession)in the second bedroom...
  13. joshwolftree

    At Least They Left Me My Pipes

    the info I had on them went right to he police report, two acoustics, both older with no serials,(one is a cheapy yamaha acoustic students, and one is a early to mid seventies hondo II that my mom had just given me from her collection, also an early 60s three octave accordian, my first act...
  14. joshwolftree

    At Least They Left Me My Pipes

    So someone broke into my apt while I was at work. Got most of my instruments, both of my rifles,two small desktop humidors and some assorted cigars, my travel case for cigars, and they emptied out my wine rack. They did however leave me my liquor cabinet, my pipes, my pipe baccy(since my humidor...
  15. joshwolftree

    What a Week

    On the upside there is a decent B&M near my folks house, with a nice smoking lounge that includes a keurig and pool table in addition to the standard comfy chairs. Plus when I stopped in to grab a few tins on my way up the mountain yesterday, I found out an old friend I haven't seen in years...
  16. joshwolftree

    What a Week

    hey all sorry I haven't been my usual chatty self...the world has been smacking me around. My sister just moved back in with my folks, bringing her toddler and infant daughters with her. My loathed brother in law is soon to be my loathed ex brother, in law after deciding that using a gun as a...
  17. joshwolftree

    Clay Cleaning Question

    So the clays are in the oven on self cleaning cycle. Is there any further steps or do I just let em cook?
  18. joshwolftree Acquired by Cigars International

    Guess I'm gonna have to call tommorrow when I'm off order with P&C has been pending since the 12th
  19. joshwolftree

    Next Level Pipe

    I'll throw mr. brog in the running good pipes and ussually only 20-30 bucks
  20. joshwolftree

    Pipes And Cigars .Com

    I'm actually at about 3 lbs which will probably last me a while