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  1. rushx9

    Happy Birthday to Someone ...Special?

    My gf works at the local pub, and sometimes folks bring in a birthday cake early for the staff to bring out for an after dinner surprise. Well, she just sent me a pic of a cake that was just delivered! Happy birthday, indeed! 🥳
  2. rushx9

    Ballsy Move

    from P&C and EGB(STG?) IP Schmeipee?
  3. rushx9

    Uncle Phil Smokes a Pipe! Fresh Prince Albert of Bel-Air?

    Was just watching some FPoBA reruns on HBOmax (sn3ep22:Ain't No Business Like Show Business), and caught this scene that starts with Carlton handing uncle Phil a freshly packed bent Billiard, saying, "Here ya go, big-guy." Uncle Phil says, "Thank you, son." with a big smile on his face and...
  4. rushx9

    Hello PMPC!

    Jk. If people ever start saying this, I'll set the building on fire. Although, if you try to say it like a word instead of spelling out the acronym, I can dig it. What up, Pmpç? Hope y'all smokin' good.
  5. rushx9

    ~Old~ Old Dublin

    Some Peterson porn for ya! Broski @BrewerZach popped a vintage tin of Old Dublin *Made in Ireland*
  6. rushx9

    What Do You Call A 5-Pack Of Tins?

    Wasn't sure if there was a specific name in the industry for plastic wrapped 5-packs of tins. A buddy of mine calls them tongs, which makes since to me since Chinese Pu'erh tea cakes come in similarly disk shaped packages that are stacked inside of a bamboo tube that is sliced down the sides and...
  7. rushx9

    Samuel Gawith Virginia Shootout

    -Sammy G Va Flakes- L-R: Golden Glow, Best Brown Flake, Full Virginia Flake Ever since reading Samuel Gawith's Golden Glow, Best Brown Flake, and Full Virginia Flake were all the same blend of tobaccos with varying amounts of heat and time in the press in a post by @bent1 on a recent thread...
  8. rushx9

    Hamborger Veermaster - Nope, That's Not Plume

    I was excited to break into my stash of Dan Tobacco Hamborger Veermaster today when I was met by the enemy. To be honest, I knew this could happen. Last year a friend and I opened a 250g bag of HV that I paid for 1/3rd of. When we cut open the foil package we saw a similar white fuzzy spot. I...
  9. rushx9

    Is German / Danish Black Cavendish Burley Or Virginia?

    I like to think I know about constituent tobaccos, but I've been curious about this for a while. I know that American Cavendish is typically Green River Burley, and English Cavendish is comprised of various Virginia tobaccos. I've heard that all European Cavendish is VA as well, but searching...
  10. rushx9

    Tobacco To Cure Coronavirus !?!

    It's been joked about on here recently, but this article from POLITICO says Don't Laugh! RJR has used tobacco plants to make vaccines before and are now attempting to make one for Coronavirus. Not exactly a smokable cure, but interesting science nonetheless...
  11. rushx9

    Rush's Stream Of Consciousness Reviews: Red Oak Twist

    I enjoy picking out flavors, but I also like to convey the way a blend makes me feel, whether it's of terroir, or just some weird sensory memory. Not all blends evoke feelings, but some do and I like to try to capture that in some way. Today, I felt a few feelings while smoking Red Oak Twist...
  12. rushx9

    Piping Pet Peeves

    Everybody's got at least a few. Here's a place to air it out! Keep it pipe related, please! I'll start with a couple minor ones that just dig at me. People pronouncing Lovat "Low-Vot" instead of "Luv-It". Another is when folks say "Ho-Garth" instead of "Ha-Girth" (or "Hog-Erth"?. What irks you...
  13. rushx9

    In Case You Didn't Know - BROBS Is The Coolest!

    Proud to call you my friend! You always go above and beyond. Looking forward to trying some rare and obscure german-market Kendal tobaccos as well as some classic MacB mixtures! The Lorenzo is a beautiful piece, and right up my alley!!! Big thanks to you, my man! This forum is not only the best...
  14. rushx9

    Vintage Chesdin Mixture

    My buddy recently scored a stack of 2004 Benjamin Hartwell Chesdin Mixture from McCranie's and split a tin with me last night. This is by far the most aged tobacco I've ever had the pleasure of puffing! Aroma was instantly recognizable as McClelland's Frog Morton... maybe On The Town...
  15. rushx9

    The Mad Gifter Strikes Again!

    The mad gifter strikes again! This is, hands down, the best online community because of people like you. Seriously dude, you're a rare breed. People like you take the experience to another level and remind one why it's worth it to get out of bed each day and not devolve into an antisocial...
  16. rushx9

    Tin Popping - Three Day Rule

    I don't see this brought up much so I thought I'd mention it since I think it's the cause of much disappointment and many bad reviews. Almost every single vacuum sealed tin I've ever opened goes through a (sometimes dramatic) change 3 days to a week after being opened. Anyone else notice this...
  17. rushx9

    Pipe Tobacco Advertisements On YouTube

    Really wanna try some Benson & Hedges Flake since they got Mr. Bean hocking it!🤣 Some of these vids really jump around in volume, so be ready.
  18. rushx9

    Cognac / Pembroke Home Blend

    I love Cognac and I love English/Balkan blends. I want to try Pembroke but it's never available or the price is jacked-up when I can find it. (My tobacco budget is definitely used up for the season.) Smoker's Haven blends are no longer available but I've read here and on other pages that that...
  19. rushx9

    Ear Ache From Burley

    Burley was the first tobacco I really enjoyed in a pipe. At first I couldn't smoke VAs without getting tongue bite. About 6 months in, I adjusted my technique and started to enjoy VAs and orientals much much more. I also learned how to smoke aros and actually taste them by sipping nice and slow...
  20. rushx9

    Hello From Shelby, NC!

    Hey, everybody! New to posting, been lurking for a while. I came back to pipe smoking after a 12 year hiatus from all forms of tobacco. Well, I first made the mistake of picking up a pack of cigs while going through a difficult divorce and fell right back into the pack a day habit. About a year...