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  1. ChippewaAce

    F/T Estate Unsmoked GBD Meerschaum (8/23/21)

    To Admin - charity pipe just sold elsewhere, please delete this thread at your convenience. Thank you!
  2. ChippewaAce

    What's Your Preferred EDC Knife?

    Wow! That's a handsome knife for sure!
  3. ChippewaAce

    What's Your Preferred EDC Knife?

    Excellent. Metro Detroit area, very good. I'm originally from farm area just outside of Flint -
  4. ChippewaAce

    What's Your Preferred EDC Knife?

    Very nice! Was it a Dollar Tree brand? Glad you've found a place to settle!
  5. ChippewaAce

    Ennerdale Flake

    That sounds amazing! May have to find some in the future -
  6. ChippewaAce

    Good Health News

    Glad to hear that man! Praise God!
  7. ChippewaAce

    Hello from Uganda

    Beautiful view! Welcome from Nashville, Tennessee!
  8. ChippewaAce

    F/T Estate Unsmoked GBD Meerschaum (8/23/21)

    To those who I've chatted with privately about this pipe, I appreciate your interest but I've decided to go another route and list it for auction online with 100% of the proceeds going to a local homeless/recovery/disaster relief charity here in Nashville. Thank you for your conversation and I...
  9. ChippewaAce

    Newbie to the Site

    Ouch! I feel for you, but welcome from Nashville, Tennessee!
  10. ChippewaAce

    Greetings from Sunny California!

    Welcome from Nashville, Tennessee!
  11. ChippewaAce

    F/T Estate Unsmoked GBD Meerschaum (8/23/21)

    Bueller...Bueller? :ROFLMAO: I'm open to other brands than Peterson folks, perhaps bulk tobacco too. Worst I can say is no thank you -
  12. ChippewaAce

    Hello! And How Do You Rotate Your Pipes?

    Welcome from Nashville, Tennessee! If I'm out and about, I smoke the pipe I keep in my backpack and if I'm home, I smoke whatever grabs my attention from the pipe rack first :)
  13. ChippewaAce

    Greetings From Out West

    Welcome from Nashville, Tennessee!
  14. ChippewaAce

    What's Your Preferred EDC Knife?

    For sure! Yeah, there are a few different tiers of model/cost that seem to have varied reviews, people saying similar things to what you've just said about variable speeds. I appreciate that insight on starting with cheap knives, makes a lot of sense!
  15. ChippewaAce

    F/T Estate Unsmoked GBD Meerschaum (8/23/21)

    Hey all - I acquired this beautiful 1970s era (maybe earlier?), unsmoked GBD Turkish Block Meerschaum with the inlaid brass logo plate a few months back and decided the shape just isn't for me, so I thought it'd be nice if I could trade with somebody here on the forum. I've spoken to a few...
  16. ChippewaAce

    Best B&M Tobacco Stores in America

    Pauls Pipe Shop in Flint, Michigan (near my hometown) Uhle's Tobacco Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (visited for the first time over the weekend!)
  17. ChippewaAce

    Grandpa For The Third Time

    Fantastic news! Praise the Lord indeed! Congratulations!
  18. ChippewaAce

    Hello from Cork Ireland.

    Welcome from Nashville, Tennessee! I just returned home from performing at Irish Fest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin over the weekend, biggest Celtic music festival outside of the Isle from what I was told!
  19. ChippewaAce

    What's Your Preferred EDC Knife?

    Fair enough! I invested in the aforementioned Benchmade Osborne but traveled to Milwaukee this pabst weekend, so I checked my Smith and Wesson 1st Responder instead of the Osborne - just in case!