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  1. Infantry23

    Granger Pouches?

    The "If you only had to choose one tobacco" thread has sent my interest in Granger over the edge. My curiosity has been piqued by @Grangerous and @ashdigger and other subsequent comments about this blend. However, I CANNOT find it anywhere local. No OTC availability that I've seen and I am...
  2. Infantry23

    G&H Twists

    So, @ashdigger bombed me a few weeks ago with his overwhelming generosity but due to circumstances I had not been able to try the G&H twists until this past week. Sweet Whiskey, Sweet Rum, and Coconut were the twists I was able to try this week and I must say, I really like the flavors! It...
  3. Infantry23

    Boswell's Military Force

    Before Ashdigger baccy bombed me I recently went to Boswell's in Chambersburg and took a shot on a ?new? blend.... Military Force. Anyone try this yet?! I like it immensely. It is an English with Latakia but it is mellow, sweet, cool, and just an amazing blend. I'm not up to the challenge of...
  4. Infantry23

    Thank you, Ashdigger!

    Well, what to my wondering eyes should appear but @ashdigger and a tremendously generous gift! A few weeks ago I was looking for some suggested alternatives to Peterson's Deluxe Navy Rolls. So, what does ashdigger do? He sends me some samples of rolls, flakes, and ropes for me to try...
  5. Infantry23

    Cheap Pipe Smoker Looking for Deluxe Navy Roll Substitutes

    Does anyone have any recommendations for Peterson DNR substitutes or alternatives? Frankly, I don't have a lot of disposable income so it's hard to try a bunch of blends. I really like the DNR but it's somewhat pricey and I don't know where, or if, it can be bought in bulk. I've heard great...
  6. Infantry23

    School Me on Meerschaum Pipes

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) So, I see estate meers on fleabay and some are relatively dirt cheap. Some are quite expensive. What specifics should a buyer be looking for in the purchase of a meerschaum pipe?
  7. Infantry23

    Anyone Familiar with H.I.S. Pipes?

    I was at a B&M today and they had some H.I.S. pipes that looked nice and were very inexpensive. Anyone have any experience with them? If so, how did you like them?
  8. Infantry23

    Briar or Brylon? How to Tell?

    Please pardon my ignorance but I am wondering how to spot the difference between the 2 materials? So, I started thinking about this when I stopped into a local Smoker Friendly store just perusing the small cigar collection. I heard the lady at the counter tell a customer that she has wood...
  9. Infantry23

    New Member in MD

    Hello! Just want to introduce myself. I'm a new member but have been smoking cigars for almost 20 yes and a pipe extremely part-time for probably 15yrs give or take. Just recently I have started to devote more time and affection for pipe smoking and I've acquired a few more pipes and have...