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  1. leacha

    Spring in Colorado

    12+ inches expected by tomorrow. Yesterday, I was in shorts and a T-shirt mowing my lawn.
  2. leacha

    New Peterson Lines for 2016

    New Peterson Lines for 2016
  3. leacha

    Cornell and Diehl Small Batch

    FYI... Cornell and Diehl Small Batch
  4. leacha

    Hearth & Home Signature 8oz "Tins"

    Anyone else notice the disappearance of the 8oz size "tins" from the H&H Signature line of tobacco? I've been patiently waiting for AJ's VaPer to return after the last sale. Hell, I even cleared out SmokingPipes inventory. I also started seeing the disappearance of Classic Burley Kake, Louisiana...
  5. leacha

    Retailer Selection

    Question. Why would a major online retailer carry every blend, even in multiple tin sizes, from a blender except one particular blend? Whenever I place an order I like to fill in the order with one of my favorite blends but this retailer has never stocked it. So I end up going to another...
  6. leacha

    Love/Hate Tobacco

    Angles's Dream is a nice tasting no frills easy smoking blend and I love it. Except for one tiny flaw. For the first time since I picked up the pipe in the early '90s, I've run into a blend that doesn't agree with my mouth PH. After a few days of puffing, it starts to bite. Nothing terrible just...
  7. leacha

    Lane 125th Anniversary

    I see Lane has come out with a VaPer, in tin and bulk no less. Six months ago Mr Wortzel asked for suggestions and I'm glad he and the crew went with my suggestion. Will I get a free tin? Probably not. At least Woodchuck sent me a T-Shirt when they went with a cider I suggested. Oh well. I hope...
  8. leacha

    RO Blends - Fire Storm

    Any news on when this coming out?
  9. leacha

    Cob Seven Day Set

    Ready for summer! 1 straight DGE 5th Avenue, 2 bent 5th Avenues, 2 straight 5th Avenues, 1 straight Mark Twain, 1 bent Mark Twain.
  10. leacha

    FYI From the MM Site

  11. leacha

    C&D Label Differences

    Quick question to the knowing. I ordered this, but I received this. My first thought was the generic label is tinned bulk baccy and the artwork label is the production run. Does anybody know if there are any differences, other than the label, between these and other C&D tins labeled...
  12. leacha

    Peterson 309 AB Clone

    Today I received my Pete 309 from Mike Myers at Walker Pipe Repair were he cleaned the pipe and made me a couple AB stems to mimic Basil Rathbone's pipe in the Sherlock Holmes serials. 4AB Clone My pipe. A "Thank you!" to Mike for the excellent work on the stems and a big "Thank You!" to...
  13. leacha

    Thank the Heavens...

    ...for Carter Hall, cob pipes and coffee.
  14. leacha

    Hearth & Home - Capitol Stairs

    Just curious and maybe Russ may see this before I get a response from P&C. Does Capital Stairs still contain Deer Tongue? The P&C website doesn't mention it. That seems to be a big omission for something like Deer Tongue.
  15. leacha

    Fill and Forget Tobacco

    I have been smoking a lot of flakes and other cuts that take a little attention if not packed just right. Yesterday I decided to smoke some Carter Hall and after I did a two step fill, char & tamp. I went about my business of messing around in the garden and watching the impending storm. Before...
  16. leacha

    Thank You fishnbanjo!

    My wife came home with a package from fishnbanjo. He was looking for a pipe. I was looking for a pipe. A match made in heaven. Thank you fishnbanjo! Also a thank you to Kevin, otherwise this never would have happened.
  17. leacha

    Cob "Inner Tube"

    After seeing a picture of a Dunhill pipe with an "inner tube" I wondered if I could do the same to a cob so that I could have a clear and consistent airway to the bottom of the bowl. Using a new 5th Avenue (Thank you Aristocob!) I drilled out the tenon of a Forever Stem to to fit the diameter of...
  18. leacha

    Travel Case

    Picked this case up for a wedding trip to Chicago. If interested, it's located in the pharmacy section of WallyWorld near the Diabetic supplies. $7.00 US.
  19. leacha

    2014 Peterson Outdoor Pipes

    Just surfing the web for pipes and saw these. I thought I'd share. 2014 Peterson Outdoor Pipes
  20. leacha

    New Irish Made Army

    After my St. Pats pipe disaster (stem & bit were not drilled straight), I couldn't resist the sale JN Barber Ltd had. So I grabbed an Irish Made Army 120. None of the major US retailers had the 120 shape in stock plus the lowest price was $20 (US) more than the total price of the pipe shipping...