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    First Tinsky Purchase

    Guys, I finally bit the bullet and ordered two pipes from Mr Tinsky. I think i was a little anal about the stem of my bulldog but Mr Tinsky was more than accommodating my noob pipe buying psychosis. :oops: . He is an amazing man and answered any questions/requests i had. This is the first...
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    Pipe tobacco shop/cigar shop in lisbon

    Anyone have any recommendations on a tobacco shop in lisbon? Preferably near the St. Jeorge castle. Thank you!
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    Experimenting how much wax a meer absorbs

    I decided to do a little experiment to see how much wax a meer would absorb. I bought a small claw and egg pipe that is pretty modern (due to the lucite stem it came with) and decided to weigh it before and after waxing the pipe. Before the waxing the pipe was 18 grams and after waxing it...
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    Captain Browne Pipes

    I have seen them here and there and what interests me are those metal inserts at the bowl. Do they serve a purpose or is it just pure looks? I tried looking them up but came find any information on them. Can some educate me on these pipes?
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    Halcyon residue

    hi guys i tried using Halycon II for the first time and it seems to work well but there are these white deposits on the rustication. how do i take care of it? I tried using a blow drier but it won't melt the wax deposits. Any ideas?
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    Direct to Ebay Pipe Manufacturers?

    I can name: Moretti Mario Grandi Worbec Mr Brogg Alexander Zavvos off the top of my head. If you know more can you please add it to the list?
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    Tinder Box St. Claude pipes

    Does anyone know who the Tinder Box used to get their "Tinder Box St. Claude" pipes?
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    Specks of Paint on Pipe

    I have this estate pipe that i won but it has tiny specks of white paint on it (my guess is that the previous owner smoked while working around the house). My question is how do i remove the paint? Do i just buff? or do i have to take off the finish and restain/rewax?
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    Cornell and Diehl Recommendations

    That isn't a nick bomb? What are ur favorite c&d blends?
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    New Stems From Ken Norwood For My Pipes

    I had three pipes that I wanted new stems for so I contacted Ken. I told him that he had complete artistic freedom to whatever to do whatever he thought was best. The only thing I wanted was a white stem for my bent bulldog. The stems are amazing. It took only four days for him to contact me...
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    Oh Perique!

    Every time i smoke a vaper, no matter how careful I am, I get my mouth scorched. This doesn't happen when I smoke Virginia's, or vaburs. Only vapors. Why perique? Why!?
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    Pipe Tobacco in Moscow?

    Are there any tobacco shops in Moscow? Also, any forum members here from Moscow?
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    Buffing Estate Pipes With a Drill Setup.

    Im having buffing an estate pipe/stem i got off the bay. I have a buffing wheel and drill setup and use white diamond polish. Yet when i buff the pipe and stem it doesn't come out clean. Is is because the pipe is to old? Does it require a restain job? Or am I just buffing wrong?
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    New Anni Kake= Not As Good As Before?

    Im hearing noise online that the new Anni Kake from C.I is somehow different than the pre sale Anni Kake. Has anyone else heard this? If so, since Russ is still in charge, would this be a tempory problem?
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    Cellared Tobacco and "Breathing'

    does cellared tobacco change after being allowed to breathe a while like wine?
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    How Do You Make a New Lip on a Stem?

    Is it possible to just make the stem shorter by creating a new lip if the old lip is to messed up? If so, how does one do this?
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    Pipe Scented Candle

    Look at what I found at Marshall's Lol
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    Picked Up this Peterson Tankard

    from the bay.. Can't wait to clean it up.
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    The Taste of New Pipes

    Who else hates breaking in new pipes? I just hate the wood taste when I'm breaking in a new pipe. I have a new stanwell featherweight and when I get to the bottom of the bowl the taste is awful,
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    Orange County CA clubs?

    Are there any OC CLUBS?