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  1. judcole

    WV Smokeshop

    I want to give a kudos to these folks. I ordered that Kaywoodie Fine Line I mentioned elsewhere very early Thursday morning - before the start of business - and I got it yesterday. They don't have a large enough selection to be my "go-to", but they are certainly a worthy addition.
  2. judcole

    Filtering Information

    I recently asked about how to filter the forum so I see only the topics I am interested in. I chose the wrong wording for the title, and the thread turned into a shit show. I discovered how to do what I wanted. By adding the topics I want to "watched forums" and "watched threads", as...
  3. judcole

    Ignoring Content

    I know we have the option to ignore certain members. Is it possible to ignore specific threads or even forums? puffy
  4. judcole

    An Ode to Paul's Pipe Shop, Flint, Mi

    A couple of years ago, I bought a Comoy Christmas Pipe, 1982, as an unsmoked estate. It quickly became a Virginia pipe and a favorite. Then, about a month ago, I dropped it on a concrete floor, and the tenon snapped. You can imagine how I felt. Today the stars finally aligned, and I hopped in my...
  5. judcole

    Standard Tobacco Company of Pennsylvania

    Looking at an old order on SP yesterday, I happened to notice that they marked Murray's 1A Linfield as "discontinued". Looking around a bit today, I see that the Murray's and John Cotton lines are pretty much out of stock. Are they simply out of stock, or are they going away? Both 1A Linfield...
  6. judcole

    Sucked Down the Rabbit Hole Again...

    I was musing about how much I enjoy my three Savinelli Tre series pipes, so I went over to SP just to see what other shapes they had in that series. Uh oh - banner ad for C&D sale. Another $100 spent on tobacco... puffy
  7. judcole

    New Castello

    Made a big move the other day and I got myself this Castello. Came yesterday, and I enjoyed a bowl in it. Castello Old Sea Rock Billiard (KK) | Buy Castello Tobacco Pipes at Smokingpipes -
  8. judcole

    My Christmas Present to Myself

    I succumbed. I decided I needed a new pipe for Christmas. I ordered this unsmoked 1982 Comoy's Christmas pipe from Mkelaw. I have another Comoy of that vintage that I absolutely love. Looking forward to this one.
  9. judcole

    Necro Thread Warning :D

    Hey,Kevin! We need a pop-up or something that says "Hey, dummy, this thread is over six years old and you posted in it back then! Read the dates!" rotfpuffy (I realized today that I did that in the "Favorite drugstore pipe" thread.)
  10. judcole

    New Thread On Lane Plant Closing In Georgia - Real Info

    I realize there is a thread on this, but since it has drifted far off topic, I thought I would post this one. I am also a member of STG's forum This Pipe Life, which was referenced early in the other thread. There has been further info.From Leonard at STG: " regarding the factory news...
  11. judcole

    Dunhill MM1938/Baby's Bottom

    I have been enjoying this lovely blend since it was released in the States a few years back. I have smoked many tins, and still have several stashed away. At this moment, it appears that this is not one of the blends that STG has picked up to release under the Peterson label. This means that...
  12. judcole

    Peretti "Paint Cans" for long term storage

    I have grown fond of Peretti Boston Slices, and have ordered 8 ounces that I intend to store for aging. Does anyone have any experience with how these tins hold a seal over the long term?
  13. judcole

    Cheers for Good B&M's

    This is a shoutout and thanks to Dan Spaniola and Paul's Pipe Shop up in Flint. About two weeks ago I purchased this nice little Sav Tre series billiard. I was happily breaking it in, when all of a sudden it got clogged. Couldn't draw, couldn't run a cleaner through it. Could run a thin wire. I...
  14. judcole

    When Did the Recipe of Hal O' the' Wynd Change?

    This is prompted by a discussion elsewhere. I was unable to find a thread on it here, so here we go. I am an irregular smoker of this old classic. I am getting ready to open a tin I acquired in February of 2014, and it says on the label "pure Virginia". It now says it includes Dark Fired...
  15. judcole

    Are Peterson tobaccos being discontinued?

    Following a discussion in the PM Facebook group about Peterson tobaccos no longer being sold in Ireland, I went looking at e-tailers. I was seeing "No longer available" notices on many, including my beloved Old Dublin. I did some rather frantic searching - I do not smoke a lot of OD, but it is a...
  16. judcole

    Memorial Day

  17. judcole

    Latest acquisition

    Drove up to Paul's in Flint last week. They put a band on a pipe that needed a repair - while I waited, 10 minute - and I got another Cayuga. That's five,now. Not sure if it tapers enough to be a brandy,
  18. judcole

    Metro Detroit Folks -Should we try again?

    I've noticed that several of the guys who used to gather here are posting more. Let's try to get together again. Probably a bit early for outdoor smoking, yet, but how about a trip up to Paul's in April. Does the 29th sound good?
  19. judcole

    Dating MacBaren tins

    This question was asked in the MacBaren Facebook group today. A response was posted based on a letter one member had sent to MacBaren. Here it is for those interested: To the right of the bar code are two sets of numbers, as follows: 09102631 28099 Here is their response: Thank you for your...
  20. judcole

    Metro Detroit group September Gathering

    Well, gents - June and July both flopped. With that in mind, and the fact that I had something going every Saturday in August, I did not try to call a get-together. Let's try to do something in September, on the 24th. Are folks' heads above water enough to try? Do we want to try one more park...