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  1. newportpipe

    What is Your Holy Grail Pipe?

    For me, without a doubt would be a Dunhill Duke belonging to Edward VIII/POW with an albatross bone stem.
  2. newportpipe

    Fruit Forward Blends?

    1) Peretti “Tropical Fruit” is a nice, quality mix. 2) Uhle’s “Raider Blend“ is kind of strange one but, a fun smoke once in a while. 3) Country Squire “Parson’s Blend” is pretty good. Edit: Peretti also has a Strawberry blend but, I haven’t tried it.
  3. newportpipe

    Which are Your Least Favoured Shapes

    For me: 1) Cavalier 2) Cherrywood 3) Horn 4) Blowfish 5) Tomahawk/Pick Axe
  4. newportpipe

    Creepy Scarecrow by S Yanik Has Arrived

    That’s yours! It’s epic! I know, if you can wait til October and the weather cools throw in some Strauss Sleepy Hollow! I’m blown away by the carving 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
  5. newportpipe

    WTB/WTT: Grasmere Flake & Kendal Flake (6/27/21)

    Mods, can you please close this? Thank you.
  6. newportpipe

    Hello From Southern California

    Hello from Newport Beach!
  7. newportpipe

    Interview With JimInks At Smoking Pipes

    Great read! He looks like a relaxed kinda guy. I always pictured a more stern, old school looking guy. I was not aware of how prolific he is in the comic/illustration world! Quite a career. Also, I really liked the tie-in to Cannon! I DVR it every weeknight. I wonder what blends Mr. Conrad...
  8. newportpipe

    A Sad Post

    Stay positive; there are brighter days ahead.
  9. newportpipe

    Hello from California

    Hello from Newport Beach!
  10. newportpipe

    Happy Canada Day!

    I’ve only been to Canada twice. I really enjoyed the sights, history, and people. Victoria was great and Vancouver was ok on the west coast but, really enjoyed Halifax, Lunenburg, and Chester on the east coast. I could see living the quiet life in Nova Scotia. It’s great. Happy Canada Day to...
  11. newportpipe

    The Past is Never Dead ... or This Month in Pipe Smoking History

    My first clay pipe experience was a disaster. I burned my fingers and almost ripped my lip off when it got stuck to the mouthpiece. I recommend the varnished/colored tip for the mouthpiece. It was pretty cool once I got it together.
  12. newportpipe

    What to Buy Next?

    This ^ ^ ^ 👍🏼
  13. newportpipe

    Why Esoterica?

    The first English I ever smoked was Margate. This was in the mid-2000’s when Esoterica tins were just another tin to me. I thought the labels looked kinda cheap and handmade next to the Dunhills, etc. The B&M tobacconist steered me to the Margate as I had a tin of Royal Yacht in my hand and he...
  14. newportpipe

    Hello from London

  15. newportpipe

    WTB/WTT: Grasmere Flake & Kendal Flake (6/27/21)

    On a Lakeland kick and cannot find either of these two flakes. I have Germain’s, Esoterica, McClellands, etc. for trade if you prefer. Thank you.
  16. newportpipe

    Spirit Animal

  17. newportpipe

    How to Date Esoterica Tobaccos?

    I’m with you. Why not use dates like 2021XXXX or XXXX2013. Instead we get Q459Z#:54 which is supposed to mean 2016. Edit: According to the dictionary, esoteric is defined as: “intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.”...
  18. newportpipe

    Found an Old Bag of Ennerdale Flake

    Believe me, I’ve opened every drawer and looked in every cupboard throughout the house and the garage! I did find a meer still in the box.
  19. newportpipe

    Found an Old Bag of Ennerdale Flake

    Here is the mystery cupboard. My better half threw this stuff in there and never bothered to tell me. Yesterday was like Christmas in June. (Forgive my feet I had to sit on the floor)