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  1. cosmicfolklore

    Cellarlabels website ?

    Download Gimp which is an open sourced image editor that I put on par with Photoshop. GIMP - Downloads - It just takes some practice to understand how layers work, but it's not rocket surgery. I just find the TM image of the brand name online and then put that...
  2. cosmicfolklore

    Just dug my pipes out of storage

    No offence, but you're twisting my words, which I guess I should expect a lawyer to do, ha ha. JK. "fooling ourselves into thinking pipes are far safer than cigarettes is one thing" "because we don't inhale smoke from pipes, we aren't doing as much damage as cigarettes," However...
  3. cosmicfolklore

    What are You Watching, 2021? Rating [*/5]

    Last night we rewatched the first few episodes with subtitles on. It was much better, but Mrs Cosmic and I kept saying, "their words don't match their words." And, I soon realized when they said "Athenians," they were really saying "Fenians," which I had to google anyways. It was a slang...
  4. cosmicfolklore

    Do You Have Rotations? Do You Rotate Your Rotations? A Rotating Rumination

    I never would have guessed that smoking a pipe could be as difficult as folding a fitted sheet.
  5. cosmicfolklore

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    A few years ago I had to drop off a repair to this guy in town. When I knocked on his door, this 6 to 8 year old girl with a glass of an amber looking drink was in one hand and a lit cigar was in the other. So, I went ahead and asked, "Hey little girl, is your father home?" She took a draw off...
  6. cosmicfolklore

    Two Pipe Set….Princes

    Beautiful pipes, and I hope they squeeze every drop of flavor out of the tobacco for you.
  7. cosmicfolklore

    Just dug my pipes out of storage

    Edit:: No, I was wrong. It was called "Sleepers"
  8. cosmicfolklore

    Morning Coffee and a Pipe

    I love how a simple coffee post can lead into a declaration against the evils of capitalism, ha ha. Keep an eye on the blood pressure, market surveys say that it leads to worse problems down the line. puffy
  9. cosmicfolklore

    Hello from NYC

  10. cosmicfolklore

    Your Opinion Matters...

    I am definitely not a snuff expert. Someone had posted a GH&co video of them grinding stalks and stems into snuff once. That is the extent of my knowledge. I have no idea whether the fleshy parts were ground separately or not. I just took the idea and processed the stalks from my own grown...
  11. cosmicfolklore

    Long Term Cob Torture Test: 6 Months Under The Elements

    Too bad it hasn't been getting our weather down here. It would probably be just a stem by now. I had to start my morning today by dragging some oak limbs off of my roof and rounding up the stuff strewn from the wind last night. We went through the first of summer with a lot of rain and storms...
  12. cosmicfolklore

    Just dug my pipes out of storage

    Actually no. Pipe tobacco, has way more than cigarettes, but because of the way we smoke and ingest the tobacco we don't feel it as strongly as fast, but more over a longer period of time. Inhaling straight to the lungs gives us more of a kick faster, but it doesn't last as long. As far as...
  13. cosmicfolklore

    Allow me to introduce myself

    I have to admit that after reading your thread title, that the Stone's song started running through my head, and I expected to be posting hello to the Devil, ha ha.
  14. cosmicfolklore

    Your Opinion Matters... has two different types of strength in it's descriptors. So does smokingpipes on their website. One is the strength of flavor, and one is the strength of nicotine. Quiet Nights to me is about a moderate strength as far as nicotine goes, but much more strong in flavor...
  15. cosmicfolklore

    Your Opinion Matters...

    Stems is kind of a misnomer. The stems on a mature tobacco leaf are really large, like a finger in thickness. What most call stems is really just a rib of the rib of the leaf. The main rib is torn out, but there are these large secondary tributary ribs that are substantial also, especially in...
  16. cosmicfolklore

    Crazy, huh?

    Yeh, it was you who suggested this to me. It works.
  17. cosmicfolklore

    My Absence Of Late And Recent Adventures

    I’ve never hunted deer outside of my state. It’s not much of a sport for me, just grab my rifle and walk out to the apple trees. And, I never harvest more than two a year. Quail, dove, and duck is a different story. I love working with the dogs. But, it is a time killer. You have to keep the...