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  1. Infantry23

    RIP Norm Macdonald

    Personally, I like him as Burt Reynolds. Also found his deadpan delivery in Billy Madison to be quite humorous!
  2. Infantry23

    How Large is Your Pipe Collection in Proportion to How Much You Smoke?

    I haven't counted recently but I have about 20 pipes and smoke about 3-4 bowls per week. I REALLY don't need any more pipes and I'm not really looking to smoke any more bowls. I think I am pretty set, but I am also not opposed to getting another pipe if the conditions are met (price, desire, etc.)
  3. Infantry23

    Just dug my pipes out of storage

    Welcome, from Maryland!
  4. Infantry23

    Jordan Fans Only

    Basketball shoes?
  5. Infantry23


    I have tried it. Have a few ounces around here somewhere. It's ok, but I don't think it was near perfection. ;)
  6. Infantry23

    Hello from Maryland!

    Welcome from Smithsburg, MD!
  7. Infantry23

    My Mixture 965

    I really like 965. To me, it's probably the quintessential English blend. I don't smoke all day now that I took an office job but I'd probably smoke at least one bowl a day if I have the opportunity.
  8. Infantry23

    What are You Reading Now?

    I'm reading Casino Royale by Ian Fleming.
  9. Infantry23

    Wonder What M Smoked...

    I plan to add a tin too, for M lol
  10. Infantry23

    Wonder What M Smoked...

    I literally just finished reading Forever and A Day. It's a Bond book from 2018 written by Anthony Horowitz. I guess he is the new Bond author, as they've continued the stories since Fleming's death. Anyways, in it M is smoking Capstan Navy Flake!
  11. Infantry23

    Show Us Your Most Quintessential Billiard Pipe

    Those are beautiful pipes! I really like the army mount!
  12. Infantry23

    Greetings from England

    Welcome from Maryland!
  13. Infantry23

    Greetings from North Carolina

    Welcome from Maryland!
  14. Infantry23

    Gettysburg Tobacconist?

    I dont but I know Boswell's is about 30 mins away.
  15. Infantry23

    Recommend Me an Aromatic Please

    Autumn evening and Boswell's Best
  16. Infantry23

    Punched in the Face by Virginia Excise Tax on Tobacco Products

    Yeah man, the excise tax in Maryland is crazy too. I ship my stuff to PA where it's definitely more reasonable.
  17. Infantry23

    Boswell's Military Force

    Anyone know if Countryside is stronger than Northwoods?
  18. Infantry23

    Old Cobs, Still Smoking Them?

    I agree about the plastic stems. I like them because they are no fuss, but the bend is almost like a kink. I like my straight much better than the bends.
  19. Infantry23

    Storm Time!!

    Cosmic, stay safe brother