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  1. FurCoat

    Another Pipe Identification Help Thread

    A buddy of mine and fellow pipe smoker (thanks to me) was given a pipe with no markings, according to him, but unique enough that someone here probably knows what it is. I personally have not seen the pipe so here are some pictures he sent me. Thanks in advance.
  2. FurCoat

    New Pipes

    Tomorrow is the big 50 for me and my wonderful wife and daughter got me a couple of beautiful pipes. They picked them and surprised me this evening with a Savinelli and an Eric Nording.
  3. FurCoat

    Beard Trimmers

    My Philips beard trimmer is on its last legs and I was wondering if anyone here has a recommendation for a good beard trimmer. I keep a full beard so something that doesn't trim close.
  4. FurCoat

    Tobacco Farming

    I have mentioned before that I live surrounded by farm fields. Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to be working from home when the plows showed up to tend the surrounding fields. I stepped out and went across the street to talk to the farmer for a bit. We had a pleasant conversation...
  5. FurCoat

    MM Aquires OD

    I received an email from Missouri Meerschaum announcing the aquisition of Old Dominion. MM plans to carry the OD line including clay pipes. What thoughts have you, fellow pipers?
  6. FurCoat

    Got To Have It

    I have a fair amount of pipes (60) in my rotation and decided that I was going to lay off buying any more pipes this year. I even went so far as to order a couple of pipe stands which covered my pipes exactly. Great plan, right? Well lo and behold, Savinelli releases their 2021 line up and...
  7. FurCoat

    Fellini Find

    A friend of mine was given this pipe. It is a Fellini #250. Never heard of it until today and not much can be found as to the history behind the make. Petty cool find. I'm going to pick it up from him this week and give it a good look over and clean up. This one will be returning to smoking...
  8. FurCoat

    Man Down

    Anyone heard from Chasingembers lately? I noticed that he hasn't posted in awhile and his profile went dark.
  9. FurCoat

    Hansom In Stock

    P&C has SG Hansom Flake in stock. Good price. Not my cup of tea, but thought you all might want to know.
  10. FurCoat

    Help Me Decide

    I am seriously considering purchasing a Savenilli St. Nicholas 2020. So for those who have taken the plunge, what are your thoughts on the pipe? Was it what you expected? Would you recommend it? I am leaning towards the 606 KS. Any input, good or bad, would be much appreciated.
  11. FurCoat

    Tobacco Sale

    P&C has a sale, 10% off. I picked up some JC Double Pressed Lat and various H&H blends.
  12. FurCoat

    A Helping Hand

    I spent part of the afternoon teaching the basics of pipe smoking to a coworker. He has several pipes and has tried in the past to take up the hobby. Frustration set in and he set the pipes aside for a number of years in which time he decided that cigar smoking was not for him. A well spent...
  13. FurCoat

    Hello from JOCO NC

    Good afternoon to all from Clayton, NC. I have been a pipe a pipe smoker off and on for close to 30 years. Now that the kids are grown (I use that term loosely) and I seem to be spending more time at home, due to circumstances beyond our control, I have learned to appreciate this wonderful hobby...