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  1. eslavs

    Sutliff Aging Jar

    Did anyone get one of these when SP ran their promotion the other month? Have you used it? Curious as to other's experiences before I throw some baccy in there.
  2. eslavs

    Bob's Chocolate "Flake"?

    I was lucky enough to score some of the G&H blends during this recent drop, which came in the mail today. Everything was as I expected until I got to my bag of Bob's..... I have a bunch of Bob's already, but it didn't look like this - what I got is a shag cut, definitely not flakes. Did I...
  3. eslavs and the FL Tobacco Tax....

    I've been a regular customer of Tobaccopipes - they've always had great prices, and they're a local operation so the huge bonus has been shipping (they're only about 90 min away from where I live).....however..... I had a couple of items in my cart to purchase (Sun Bear @ 11.34, some bulk @...
  4. eslavs

    Balkan Supreme

    I've read a lot about Balkan Supreme here on the forums - and have seen posts stating that the Arango Balkan Supreme is the same as PS Balkan Supreme. When looking on Smokingpipes and other retailers, all I find under PS is the PS306 English Oriental Supreme. Is the 306 the same as PS Balkan...
  5. eslavs

    Boswell's Countryside

    I've read and heard so many lofty reviews of Countryside and Northwoods that I decided to pick up a few ounces of each to sample. So far I've really enjoyed Northwoods, but haven't been able to wrap my head around Countryside. I really want to enjoy it, but despite everything I've read and...
  6. eslavs

    First Order from Country Squire

    Received a sweet smelling box from the Country Squire yesterday - my first through them. The tobaccos smelled divine, but I was really impressed with the handwritten note on my invoice, that was a nice touch. I'll be back!
  7. eslavs

    Age of this Peterson?

    Hey all, new to the forum here - I recently scored this old Peterson online. After doing some quick online research, I think I was able to determine this is a Pre-Republic 1945-49 Pete. The number stamping is one I'm not familiar with, guessing it's the shape?