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  1. kyleweiss

    He's baaack!!!! G. L. Pease Returns as a Columnist to PipesMagazine

    Thank goodness, finally someone contributing who knows what they’re doing not only with words, but tobacco, too 😂 Welcome back, Dark One ❤️
  2. kyleweiss

    New Smoky Mountain from Hearth & Home is Great for Fall

    Sure seems like the one 👌
  3. kyleweiss

    New Smoky Mountain from Hearth & Home is Great for Fall

    Hi guys... ...sorry for the late reply, been moving all week. It’s an 80S Peterson for sure, from the “Premier” line as it is stamped, likely from the 70s or 80s. A gift from a good friend who found it to have too small a tobacco chamber, it was also subject to an alteration: the P-lip being...
  4. kyleweiss

    Mac Baren VA #1: Whether You Like it or not - Read This

    Thanks guys. I think the best part of this tobacco is the hate-inspired creative response it seems to bring out of unsuspecting smokers...who then in turn eventually get a smart-ass response from left field. One of the best counter-responses I've ever read (paraphrased): "So your tender...
  5. kyleweiss

    McClelland Arcade Review

    I failed to post the tin-notes as I usually do (I've had a hell of a week) but I tell ya, if there's Latakia in there, I didn't get it. Latakia is pretty known for mellowing out to the point of disappearing in some aging scenarios. It wasn't a bad smoke, for a bottle of Hunt's. :D :D :D
  6. kyleweiss

    Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Happy (Brown) Bogie.

    One of my favorite GH&Co products! As for the room note, I've had a few people ask me if I was actually smoking Copenhagen chew--I guess the smoke smells like it to some. Interesting.
  7. kyleweiss

    The Pipe Pundit Proclaims New Stonehenge Flake Pease's Best Yet

    Stonehenge Flake, if considering the buzz around it at the moment, is going to become a legend if it goes away and a classic if it manages to stay on the shelf long enough. I'm with pipestud here: I just clack out words that have to do with tobacco. Fred knocked it out of the park.
  8. kyleweiss

    Dueling Reviews of the New Stonehenge

    Fred wins. Hands-down. :) I love his writing style.
  9. kyleweiss

    9-Year Old Full Virginia Flake - Yum! Great Review & Pics

    Thank you, Kevin. :) And thanks you guys--humbled to clack out stuff for you to read that you enjoy. This one was a real treat, and a lesson in patience, intended or otherwise: it's worth it to wait. Very few tobaccos are better fresh out of the gate than they are with some sitting time...
  10. kyleweiss

    Murray’s 1A Linfield Review

    Thanks Kevin!
  11. kyleweiss

    James Fox Provost Mixture Review

    Pipestud, much appreciated! You being semi-celebrity out there in our little world, I'm glad you enjoyed the read. :) Provost surprised me, but to be honest, it shouldn't have: it's a fun tobacco with very little given to complain about. I'm hoping I have another tin stashed away in my...
  12. kyleweiss

    C&D Billy Budd Review

    Thanks guys. GLP Robusto and Key Largo are two definite favorites of mine, that share somewhat of a lineage of Billy Budd. Those two though are meant to be aged and sipped like a fine wine, whereas I enjoy the anything-goes abuse one can put Billy Budd through. When I'm working at my shop, I...
  13. kyleweiss

    Tobacco Review: Briarworks Country Lawyer

    Thanks, Tom. :) Pagan, I'm likely going to try the Unsweet Tea as my next mission into the Briarworks series--I've been told by a few this stuff would be right up my alley. KW
  14. kyleweiss

    Tobacco Review: GL Pease Temple Bar

    Hey, if you all want to talk about the stuff I try, we can do it here, or over there... no matter to me! Temple Bar is a pretty fun smoke. After I took the pictures, to save time, I cut up the rest of the brick and have spent even more time with it. I'm smoking a tad now, just before...
  15. kyleweiss

    Tobacco Review: Cornell & Diehl The Beast

    Correction: I have now another (second, unopened) tin of The Beast. I was nearly made fun of by the shop staff for being a hypocritical hipster. The stuff's good. Maybe being a limited run they'll be worth something one day? (...joking, no one would do a thing like that...) :P
  16. kyleweiss

    Tobacco Review: Cornell & Diehl The Beast

    I admit, I bought a third tin. I'm going to stash it for a while, let it settle in the depths of the pathetic disarray of the cabinet I call the "cellar." By far the moistest of tobaccos I've dove into to date--I had a heck of a time getting it to keep lit right out of the tin. One thing I...
  17. kyleweiss

    Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture Tobacco Review

    deathmetal: Cotton Boll Twist could be in the running for a write-up, though I'd have seek out a tin. At the moment I'm at the mercy of what my shop's distributors are able to get in--or if by chance I talk to a rep who has something new on hand. Also we're a smaller shop, and shelf space is...
  18. kyleweiss

    Homeopathic Tobacco

    I'm going to (re-)tell a relevant, tiny slice of my life story thus far. I used to work for UPS for about four years throwing freight in a warehouse, loading trucks, eventually doing nearly every job I could. Right before I decided to part ways with the union side of things, I went management...
  19. kyleweiss

    Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture Tobacco Review

    Thanks guys. Interesting Peterson's "Irish Oak" was brought up, I've been tapping into that one lately as well. I didn't want to do back-to-back Peterson reviews, but perhaps down the road I'll give it a write-up, because it wowed me a lot more than Elizabethan Mixture. I empathize in sad...