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  1. leacha

    I Have Been Trying for a While

    It has a 6mm filter that will absorb the liquid. I went with a Sav because of the shape.
  2. leacha

    How Long Can You Survive With One Pipe

    For myself, until it burns out or turns sour. Then I would need another.
  3. leacha

    I Have Been Trying for a While

    Over the past couple of years I've switched to P-Lip pipes and now prefer them. I'm even thinking of sending my FT pipes to Peterson to have them make P-Lip stems. I wanted a new pipe for walking the new dog so I grabbed a Savinelli Dry System. It fit all of my wants. A bigger button to better...
  4. leacha

    Drucquer & Sons Rust

    The food safe coating is applied very sparingly so the seam process showed through. If it tastes fine go with it. If you're still worried, contact SP for a replacement. At least they are still around. I have some McClelland tins that the coating bubbled. No recourse for them. :x
  5. leacha

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (September 2019)

    Time to return the forums! In celebration of Peterson System Day, I'm enjoying McClelland St. James Woods in a Peterson System (What else?) Standard 313.
  6. leacha

    VaPer Curious

    uCWsLYBZvWE Stupid antiquated software!
  7. leacha

    Tobacco Recommendations on a Budget?

    If my son attends Harvard Medical, I'd be happy smoking these blends the rest of my days. Drexel VIII Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman Airlift Blend No. 5 Daughters & Ryan AB Rimboché YMMV
  8. leacha

    Weather Related Smoking

    Being primarily a VaPer smoker this caught me by surprise. I only enjoy it during the cold.
  9. leacha

    What Do You Like Or Dislike About An Oom Paul?

    My exact reasons for enjoying mine. Add a P-lip and it is perfect. Dislike. Most OP pipes I see are big and heavy. I want light and appropriately sized for hands free usage.
  10. leacha

    Peterson's Saint Patrick Day 2019 Pipes

    Any worries about the stain? I remember something about the green stain doesn't hold up to time. Edit Missed the post above me.
  11. leacha

    Peterson 309 AB Clone

    New image host.
  12. leacha

    Wide bowls for flavor...

    Be sure to check the interior bowl dimensions! Some "pots" are actually billiards in disguise.
  13. leacha

    Mold or Plume?

    I'm sorry but with C&Ds track record, It's mold/fungus. Contact them to make it Right.
  14. leacha

    Briarworks Quality?

    They're constantly showing up in the Estate section of, in numbers, which give me pause on the brand. But at the price point, I may pull the plug one day to see why so many get rid of 'em.
  15. leacha

    Peterson Pipes

    Here's my Army 01 If you get gurgle from it it'll be from 2 spots. Either a piece of tobacco obstructing the air way or moisture in the stem from your mouth, the smoke or both. A tap of the pipe on your knuckles should clear most gurgles. If you constantly get it in the stem near the bottom...
  16. leacha

    Peterson Pipes

    @lawdog I'd be surprised if the 01 will pass. The Army pipes are drilled with deep mortise so the airway will be above the bottom. Think mini system pipe.
  17. leacha

    Peterson Pipes

    @ irishearl I'm not the only one who has seen the drilling issues. I've seen a number of posts by smokers say they will not buy a Peterson unless they can inspect it first because of the issues. I bought a 107 shape St. Pat pipe once. It couldn't pass a cleaner. It was returned and then resold...