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  1. Rastislav

    Buying Tobacco from Indonesia

    Hello, Searching the web for certain tobaccos, after turning many pages in google and bing, I came across Indonesian online stores. They had some brands I was actually interested in. The exchange rate if I have it right are beyond belief, meaning cheap/borderline free. Anyone have...
  2. Rastislav

    Buying Tobacco Abroad

    Hello, I have a general question. As we all know, certain tobaccos available overseas are very difficult to procure in one’s own country due to the myriad of restrictive laws and other legal liabilities. For instance, being in the US, most of Europe is out of bounds for buying tobacco. There are...
  3. Rastislav

    Syrian Latakia

    I’m sure this has been discussed at length, but why is it that Syrian Latakia is no longer available? Is it the political situation over there?
  4. Rastislav

    Flake Tobacco

    A newbie question. I tried my first flake tobacco (C&D Star of the East). While I found it very good, I think my ”crumbling” technique could be improved. It seemed like the coarse texture didn’t lend well to packing and keeping lit. What is the best way to break down the flake for optimum...
  5. Rastislav

    Pipe and Tobacco Shelf Ideas

    In viewing the many instructive Youtube videos on pipe smoking, I found myself admiring the many neatly ordered tobacco and pipe collections using shelves and desks. Alas, while I do not see the wife concurring to any smoking in the house, being a newbie and just starting a collection, I am...
  6. Rastislav

    It Will Only Get Worse

    Just commiserating with the pipe community on the perpetual attacks and taxation we have to endure. Here in PA, for the privilege of patronizing a fine in state establishment for some of their tobacco blends, some quick math revealed that since I am in PA, taxes and “fees” (I despise euphemisms)...
  7. Rastislav

    General Pipe Care - Polish or Wax?

    Any recommendations for maintaining outside of pipe bowl, like beeswax or polish? Thanks. EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title
  8. Rastislav

    Recommendations of Tobacco Blends for a New Pipe Smoker

    Hello, I am most open to any suggestions on the various tobacco blend categories to try, so as to learn what‘s out there. Thank you! EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title
  9. Rastislav

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Greetings. Previously never used any tobacco products in my life, now entering my 60th year, I have been introduced to the amazing world of pipe smoking. Just starting to learn, and I can see from the vast expertise on these forums, it appears to be a whole world unto itself. I have procured a...