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  1. carlomarx


    Sparta, N.C., was near the epicenter. I hope the Grabow factory was undamaged.
  2. carlomarx

    Does Re-Hydrating Affect Tobacco Flavor?

    I don't often smoke during the winter but I keep some tobacco readily available in a vintage glass humidor. The humidor does not seal air tight so I use humidifier discs to keep the tobacco from becoming too dry. It seems to me that the flavor diminishes after repeating the process of...
  3. carlomarx

    Soldiers Of Fortune, 50'S TV Show

    I remember this show from the fifties and I was surprised and pleased to find both seasons on Youtube. I was 7 or 8 when it aired and it was a favorite of mine and my friends. We decided we'd be soldiers of fortune too when we grew up and travel the globe leading safaris, finding treasure...
  4. carlomarx

    found Kentucky Club Mixture!

    In yet another example of " What was I thinking?", I found two pouches of KCM for sale at the local Weis Market and I bought them. I don't think its been made for more than four years and I opened one pouch and to my surprise it is dry. Almost dust is more accurate! I'm trying to hydrate it...
  5. carlomarx

    Longmire series (books)

    Over the past weekend I started the first book of the Longmire series. I wasn't a big fan of the A&E series; it was OK but I didn't get hooked. I'm really enjoying book though. Anyone else a fan? Does the series hold up?
  6. carlomarx

    Brindley's Mixture

    I smoked Brindleys many years ago and I know it is no longer available but does anyone here know of anything on the market that is close or better yet the same formula? I smoked pipes from college through my 30's then stopped smoking altogether. I picked up the pipe again 2 years ago. Thanks
  7. carlomarx

    Enjoying Squadron Leader

    One of my favorite things about this place is the tobacco reiews and recomendations. I just wish I had the time to try them all! But I did get a hold of several tins of Squadron Leader and I'm really enjoying it! So, thanks!
  8. carlomarx

    Fathers & Sons

    It's been a watershed summer for me. One that makes a father proud, frightened and when alone brings tears to his eyes. My oldest son graduated from college. He is the quiet, serious and sensitive one. Never a natural student, he had to work hard for the grades. Many,if not most nights the...
  9. carlomarx

    A New (to Me) World of English blends

    Just some random thoughts....I'm enjoying English blends, Squadron Leader and Countryside from Boswells. I tend to get stuck in ruts be it tobacco,literature, bourbon or single malt Irish whiskeys. But by following the post on this forum I've begun to branch out. And that's what fascinates me...
  10. carlomarx

    Made a Boswell's run today

    I just returned from Boswell's.I stocked up on Cherry Smash, Countryside and 2 tins of Squadron Leader. I've never smoked Squadron Leader but everyone here speaks highly of it and it has a cool label on the tin. Now, if I can figure pout how to open the tin I'll be all set! I didn't plan on...
  11. carlomarx

    D.C. pipe shop recomendations

    I'll be in D.C. the 9 & 10 of March. Any recomended pipe shops in Bethesda or DuPont Circle area? Thanks,
  12. carlomarx

    Question about English blends

    I am not familiar with English blends. I purchased Boswell's "Countryside", which they describe as their medium English blend, and I really like it. My question is, is this blend typical of English blends? I'd like to explore the English blends but I don't know where to begin. Thanks
  13. carlomarx

    vintage Aztec clay discs

    I've been collecting vintage pipe tobaco humidors,not just for looks, I intend to use then too. I have a question about the moisturizing discs. How are they used? I'm assuming you soak them in water, but for how long? And distilled versus tap water? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  14. carlomarx

    New Missouri Meerschaum

    Santa brought me a boxed set of 2 Missouri Meerschaums,the "Country Gentleman" set! I haven't smoked them yet but I really like the look. I think I'll ditch the filters though. Any tips for breaking ine etc? thanks
  15. carlomarx


    I ws a fan of Amphora, back in the day and I'm curious as to why it is no longer imported to the USA. Anyone know why?
  16. carlomarx

    Boswell's shipment

    I just recieved my order from Boswell's; Cherry Smash,Peach Cobbler, Christmas Cookie and Country Side. Other than Cherry Smash,the others are new to me. Kind of an early Christmas gift to myself! Now, if only my 12 year old Knappogue single malt Irish whisky would get here...
  17. carlomarx

    Road trip this weekend.

    The weather forecast for the weekend is clear,dry and sunny. So,I'm thinking I might get the sports car out for one last road trip of the year and head to Boswell's in Chambersburg. It is about a one and a half to two hour drive depending on which scenic route I take. I'll stock up on some...
  18. carlomarx

    Choosing Wisely

    Hello, If this is a foolish question, I apologize in advance. But,is there any way to determine if a pipe will smoke well before you buy it? Most of my pipes are Dr. Grabows and they all smoke well but there is a difference among them. Over the years I've had different degrees of luck when...